Amber Midthunder

Amber Midthunder : a rising star in Hollywood


Amber Midthunder is a young American actress who will be just 25 years old, but who has a particularly promising career. She has no fewer than 33 films to her credit, including major productions such as Comancheria and Ice Road. Here is a brief overview of this iconic star’s potential in the Hollywood film industry!

An early start in the world of 7įµ‰ art

Amber Midthunder was born on 26 April 1997 in New Mexico, but grew up in Hollywood. She is the daughter of an actor and a casting director, so her future was bound to follow in her parents’ footsteps. This was soon evident with this nugget of the silver screen. Indeed, she began her acting career very early, at the age of only 4. She made a television appearance by sharing the screen with her father in The Homecoming of Jimmy Whitecloud. This was a B-movie western in which her father played the lead role.

She then went on to appear in the thriller Comancheria, released in 2016, which was presented at the Cannes Film Festival. She has also acted alongside major film stars such as Liam Neeson during her acting career. This was the case in Jonathan Hensleigh‘s The Veteran and Ice Road, where she played the female lead. The successes continue with the young woman with various notable titles. In 2019, she landed the lead in TV movies, such as Only Mine, where she starred opposite Brett Zimmerman. In 2021, she even became the lead actress in the romance The Wheel, produced by Steve Pink.

During this period, she participated in several television series, some of which were successful. Legion on FX, Roswell and New Mexico are just a few examples.
It should also be remembered that Amber Midthunder has also previously co-directed the short film, Nights like these in 2013, with the daughter of director Chris Eyre.

A climax that starts in 2022

Amber Midthunder really came into the limelight in 2022, notably by becoming the heroine of Prey, a Disney production that is a prequel to the famous Predator film. It is indeed an exceptional triumph on the American SVOD platform Hulu. Thanks to this successful film, the actress has reached the second rank of the IMDb STARmeter. This is quite a feat, considering that only a few weeks before the release of Prey, the actress had not yet established a significant reputation in the film world. With this feature film, the spotlight turned to her.

With her Amerindian origins, mainly from her father, she is currently positioning herself as the spokesperson for this community. For the record, the pretty brunette is a member of the Sioux Nation. She has become a teen idol, with a unique charisma and a body free of tattoos.

According to reports, Amber Midthunder is still single and has never even had an official boyfriend. For the time being, her love seems to be mainly for the stage. Her private life also remains particularly discreet, but this should not remain so for long given her rise in popularity.
It should be noted that this passion for cinema was acquired on the stage, according to sources. Very quickly, she was hired to play roles in series for $25,000 per episode. Moreover, her fortune climbed just as quickly to the million dollar mark.


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