rolex vs apple watch, orologio analogico o smartwatch

Analog Watch VS Smartwatch

Smartwatch or traditional analog watch? All the tips and advices on which one to buy, the differences, our opinions and other…

Rolex Datejust

Rolex Datejust Review

When it comes to iconic timepieces, our thoughts certainly go to watches produced by Rolex, a brand that has been satisfying the needs of every…

corrado firera, cf's magazine, cfs magazine, moda, modelli italia, alpha industries

Alpha Industries Review

Welcome back to CF’s Magazine, Today I will tell you about a brand that many of you surely already know, it is Alpha Industries, an…

Rolex Submariner, black, green

Rolex Submariner Review

The rolex Submariner have been a true icon among watch collectors for over 60 years. The first waterproof chronograph capable of withstanding water up to…


Fashion Week Calendar 2021

Welcome back to Corrado Firera’s Magazine, today we will see the calendar with the official dates of the Fashion Weeks relating to the Big Four,…

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Who is jeff Bezos?

Welcome to, today we will see together who Jeff Bezos is, how much money he has, why he is the richest man in the…

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corrado firera

Zeitschild Face Creams Review

Welcome to CF’s Magazine, today I will tell you about face creams to be used for your beauty routine and in particular the products of…



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