Snowboarding : what basic equipment to start with ?


We don’t want to tell you that snowboarding requires the right equipment, but which one? Often, beginners have trouble finding their way around, lost between the different models of boards, not to mention clothing and boots. What basic equipment is needed to start snowboarding? Our advices to help you find the right equipment!

Snowboard : which one to choose ?

It is the essential equipment to start snowboarding, you will agree. The most important thing is to choose a board adapted to your level. How do you do that? By taking into account your weight. Because you should know that there are different sizes of boards, each corresponding to a specific weight range. These ranges being somewhat wide, you won’t really have problems to progress even if you choose a board that is a little too big.

The hardest part is choosing from the multitude of models available for each size. Obviously, not all models are equal in terms of quality. You also have to think about your budget. For example, it’s not really wise to pay full price for a high-end snowboard if you’re planning on doing something recreational. Instead, choose a basic model, especially since most manufacturers now offer fairly good boards at reasonable prices. Another tip to start without breaking the bank: buy a second-hand board.

Don’t skimp on boots!

If it is possible to opt for a second-hand board, it is not really recommended when it comes to shoes. To avoid foot pain (a recurrent problem in snowboarding), make sure you buy quality boots. This is the best way to progress and have fun, because poor quality boots will tend to cause discomfort, and therefore shorten your days on the snow. In addition to boots, think about getting mountain socks especially designed for snowboarding. You will find a nice selection on Finally, don’t hesitate to invest in a pair of solid bindings that you can use for several seasons.

What about clothing?

When snowboarding, you will have a lot of “contact” with the snow, especially when you are a beginner, because falls will be quite frequent. So you might as well equip yourself with clothes designed for this activity, especially waterproof pants and jackets. Whatever brand you choose, make sure you try the clothes on before you buy them to see if you feel comfortable in them. This is a very important aspect, as it will determine your freedom of movement on the board. Again, it is not necessarily necessary to invest in ultra technical clothing to start, but the quality must be there. The good news is that there are specialized snowboard equipment stores that offer all kinds of clothing items to practice in good conditions, including outdoor snow jackets for women designed for snowboarding and skiing.

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