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5 Exercises to Tone Your Butt Getting a Perfect B Side


Do you dream a perfect B-side but after months of training you have not toned your buttocks? no problem because today I propose a list of exercises to do at least 2 times a week and you will see results in record time, take a look!



1) Squat


The squat is the most known exercise, because in addition to toning the buttocks also acts on the quadriceps making the result better than for other exercises, but of course you can not live just squats, below I will show you other very effective exercises.

First of all, stay upright, spread your legs apart and place your feet parallel, then fold your legs up to ninety degrees and return, repeat the exercise 10 times for 3 sets, as you get stronger increase the exercises.


2) Plank with leg extension

 Plank with leg extension, butt

Put yourself on the floor resting on the elbows while keeping straight legs, I recommend not to bend your back. Now stretch one leg at a time to the top as you can and without bending it, to finish the exercise 10 times per leg on 3 series, if you don’t do it you can very well decrease the exercises to not tire yourself too much.


3) Side legs lifts

3) Side legs lifts

Always lean with your hands on the floor, arms extended and legs at ninety degrees, and begin to lift one leg at a time towards the side, this way your buttocks will become very toned, repeat the exercise 10 times per side for 3 sets.


4) Plank elbow knees

4) Plank elbow knees

Put yourself once again with your arms extended on the floor, and legs outstretched, but this time bring the leg up to the elbow and then return, repeat the exercise 10 times for 3 sets and you will see the results.


5) Lifting of the pelvis

Lifting of the pelvis

Stay down on the floor with your arms along your body and bend your legs leaving your foot in contact with the floor. Raise your pelvis upwards while keeping your shoulders on the floor. Lower the pelvis without touching the bottom of the seat and then lift it up. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times for 3 sets.

With these exercises you should get perfect toned booty, but only if done regularly at least twice a week, but especially in a proper way.

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