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Changing fashion or returning fashion? – Trends from the 60s to today


Fashion is dynamic, ephemeral, it always changes its face, which is why we need to stop a moment to reflect and take stock of the situation on how it has evolved over almost a century.

But what almost everyone is asking is whether fashion has actually changed, or if there is a return of the trends of the years before the 21st century. Let’s see it together!



miniskirt, 60s years
A group of debutantes outside the Dorchester Hotel, London, where they are training to take part in the launch of a new petrol brand from European Petroleum, 31st May 1966. (Photo by Chris Ware/Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

The 60s saw the birth of the miniskirt, a garment created by Mary Quant that will become a must have of the following years. From that moment on, women will wear skirts up to their knees showing their femininity even if long skirts will continue to be worn for a while.


jeans 70s years

In these years also the bell-bottomed jeans are born, but the real boom of this item of clothing will take place only in the 70s, years when it will become a must have for both men and women, the latter will also begin to be and feel freer and this is reflected in their way of dressing, decidedly more provocative than in previous years, with slits on skirts, and colored socks.

But the 70s also saw the birth of the hippie style, a style of long skirts and fairly large garments, so this decade is characterized by the presence of these two elements.


madonna, fashion 80s

The 80s represent a turning point for fashion trends, Madonna is the emblem of this evolution, and will remain in that decade one of the most imitated fashion icons by the female public.

In these years, the straps to the clothes become a must, so we will have the tight clothes to the waist with big straps, the eccentric colors represent the normality in those years, and as for the hair, voluminous as never before, so don’t be surprised by viewing old photos of your parents or grandparents!


beverly hills, 90s fashion

In the 90s the most common trends were the high-waisted trousers, as well as the skirts, although the latter remained very short.

The 90s are characterized by the absence of a well-defined fashion, everyone followed their own aesthetic standards, from those who dressed oversized to those who wore skimpy, important however was the influence of television on boys and girls of the time. In the same years piercings became for the first time a super cool accessory, the Tees were worn inside the jeans and the shirts knotted under the breast to obtain a more cheeky look.


What about the 2000s? What has really changed?

fashion 90's

From one side the trends of the past years return to our days, from bell-bottom trousers, to high-waisted but tight-ankle trousers, to the use of miniskirts that continue to be loved by women, to knots to shirts under the breast or above the navel, but on the other hand what has really changed is the desire to appear more beautiful and sexy that has never been so alive as in our days.

Today the clothes are increasingly shaped and the dresses are more and more minimal or transparent, the most evident slits, the underwear and the socks increasingly sexy, the heels increasingly vertiginous, and the use of the tattoo at the extreme even for the girls. So my answer is yes, fashion has evolved and with it the society that sees a trend in what was previously seen as an offense to the public modesty.

And what do you think? Has there been a change?

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