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5 secrets you didn’t know to keep you fit


Keeping fit is the goal everyone is trying to achieve, but among Sunday lunches, friends’ birthdays and parties, you can’t always achieve it, but did you know that there are five secrets for keeping fit that can work wonders?
Let’s see them together!

1) Never eat in front of the TV or while doing something else!

Who doesn’t like sitting at the table with the TV on? I think it’s a widespread habit today but maybe you didn’t know that it’s scientifically proven that eating while watching TV increases appetite, and sometimes you risk eating much more than normal, so from now off TV, moreover let’s not forget that a sedentary lifestyle is not very much a friend of physical form.



Do you think that eating only rice cakes makes you lose weight? The answer is absolutely no, and now I’ll explain why. By drastically abolishing the foods you are used to such as pasta, bread, meat, sweets and replacing them only with rice cakes (something like a solid food) you risk an exhaustion first, you will feel dissatisfied with life, sad, and second, a physical collapse, cause you will not have the daily energy needs with a few rice cakes, so eat all but a few doses at a time!


3) Do not waste precious time

Between work and family you haven’t always time to go to the gym and to think a little about yourself, but I’m sure that 15 minutes in a 24-hour day are always there, and it’s in those minutes of free time that you have to do some physical activity even at home if you haven’t the chance to go to the gym, because after all the place isn’t important, the determination that you have in pursuing a goal is important.


4) Do not drink a lot of alcohol

The weekend very often when you are in good company you tend to consume many alcohol between clubs and parties, but you must know that according to scientific studies this can lead to a reduction in energy during the rest of the week so not only the next day, with the logical consequence that being more tired and sleepy than usual you will no longer want to do anything and then goodbye to the good intentions of a constant training that you had set.


5) Mind dominates matter

What does it mean? simple, that at the end of the fair you are the master of your choices, if your goal is to achieve a perfect physical form or otherwise keep fit, the real secret is always the desire to act and determination, don’t wait until you recreate the favorable condition to start the diet, don’t look for excuses, rather seek solutions, be productive and the results will not wait to be seen, Trust me.


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