Belen Who is it? | Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend


Who is Belen? Why is she so famous? How much do you weigh her? What is her height of her? How old is she? Who is Belen’s new boyfriend?

Welcome back to CF’s Magazine, today we will find out who Belen really is but above all how she achieved success in Italy in such a short time and we will also meet her new flame!

Who is Belen? Biography

Belen Rodriguez was born in Argentina in Buenos Aires on September 20, 1984, she is of the zodiac sign of virgin, to date she is a naturalized Italian model, TV presenter and showgirl.

For the young woman, success comes very soon when she decides to leave Argentina to come to Italy, in fact she moved to Milan in 2004, here she works as a model for several fashion houses.

The legend that she arrived in Italy with 500 euros and started everything from scratch is obviously a lie, in fact she was already a model in Argentina and decides to continue in Italy where she clearly would have had a greater resonance.

The turning point comes when she is noticed by important personalities of the television world and starts working as a showgirl, for the complete biography click here.

Height and weight

Belen is undoubtedly a beautiful girl, with a sunny charm, also very charismatic and perhaps this is what made her enter the hearts of Italians.

Belen is 175 cm tall and weighs 54 kg, her measurements are 83-65-89.9 at least for now, certainly her body has helped her a lot to become what she is now or to achieve success with a following of millions of followers on Instagram.

Who is Belen’s new boyfriend in 2021?

The young Argentine model was the flame of Fabrizio Corona and Stefano Di Martino among others, today in 2021 her new boyfriend is Antonino Spinalbese.

Belen’s new boyfriend is a hairstylist even if he has recently changed jobs to become a photographer and follow what would be his vocation.

Antonino spinalbese, belen

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