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The 15 Best Films Of 2021: The Must-See Films


Welcome back to Corrado Firera’s Magazine! Today we will talk about the 15 best films of 2021. The best films to see at all costs and the next releases in Italian cinemas.

Devote your free time to healthy and constructive passions and the best there is to have fun and satisfy your tastes. Whether it is physical activity, reading, drawing or cinema, it does not matter: what matters is to unplug by dedicating yourself to artistic, creative and competitive fields of value to grow and feel fully satisfied. As for the best films of 2021, you are practically spoiled for choice. Between theatrical releases and on streaming platforms, each genre has its intriguing and engaging workhorses to say the least. For this reason, a list must be made so that we can orient ourselves in this direction.

Old: a thriller about the relationship between time and human beings

This cinematic adaptation of a thriller graphic novel is among the best films of 2021. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, the film is set on a wonderful tropical beach where the protagonists become the prey of a disturbing phenomenon. Gradually, their bodies begin to age prematurely; and the general atmosphere of the film takes on dark contours that are channeled on the ambiguity of the relationship between time and human beings.

Black Widow: the stand alone Marvel with Scarlett Johansson

Marvel’s immense cinematic universe boasts multiple solo films about its most iconic heroes. With Black Widow, we explore the past of Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow. The plot delves into the protagonist’s past (played by Scarlett Johansson) and her bond with Russia that has turned her into one of the most dangerous spies on the planet. A training process punctuated by losses and sacrifices which, however, can lead to an unexpected rebirth.

Luca: Disney animation on the Italian Riviera

Among the best films to see that this 2021 has offered to the public there is also Luca, the animated film by Disney / Pixar. The story in question takes place in a beautiful town on the Italian Riviera. A young boy, Luca, spends an unforgettable summer characterized by moments of personal growth, food and scooter rides at breakneck speed. A mosaic of experiences to share with a friend who, apparently, will have to keep an incredible secret.

Fast & Furious 9: unbridled speed among the best movies of 2021

Justin Lin directs the ninth chapter of a blockbuster saga with Vin Diesel as the famous Dominic Toretto. This time he must return to action, after a period of inactivity, to stop the diabolical plans of Jakob, Dom’s exiled brother who, for the occasion, has the features of John Cena. In a succession of clashes at the last skid (and space sorties), the dispute will be decided with the usual explosive action of the franchise.

The Suicide Squad – Suicide Mission: Super-villains to the rescue

DC Comics churns out its Hollywood blockbuster with a team of supervillains called to retrieve valuable information about the Starfish project. A mission with little chance of success; but thanks to the leadership of the fearsome Bloodsport, Harley Quinn, Peacemaker, Rick Flagg and associates venture along the dense meanders of a South American land, sowing death and destruction. The secrets behind their goal will have drastic consequences.

No Time To Die: 007 is back in action for one of the best films of 2021

Daniel Craig wears the elegant 007 outfits for the twenty-fifth film dedicated to the secret agent in the service of Her Majesty – out in Italy on September 30, 2021. James Bond is back in action to find a missing scientist. An event connected to another set of circumstances that make up a global conspiracy. The villain chosen to put a spoke in the wheel for the protagonist has the face of Oscar winner Rami Malek.

The French Dispatch: suggestive atmosphere and a stellar cast

With his unmistakable style, made up of visual symmetries and harmonic color palettes, Wes Anderson directs The French Dispatch, expected in Italian cinemas starting November 11, 2021. Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, Bill Murray, Frances McDormand, Willem Dafoe and Timothée Chalamet are just some of the names involved within a stellar cast; and that sees them engaged in telling the story of an editorial board of an American newspaper.

Dune: a remake destined to make history

The reboot of Dune is a strong candidate to be one of the best films ever. If only for the science fiction genre, the comfort zone of the filmmaker Denis Villeneuve. An ambitious project (which will land on the big Italian screens on September 16, 2021) to give new life to the science fiction epic written by Frank Herbert. The actors called into question are Timothée Chalamet, Dave Bautista, Stellan Skarsgard, Rebecca Ferguson and Charlotte Rampling.

Ghostbusters Legacy: the new chapter of a timeless cult

After the disappointing female reboot of 2016, Ghostbusters is back with a new piece of its film saga consisting of two films that are among the best films, in terms of box office and quality, of the 1980s. Released on November 11, 2021, Legacy tells the story of Trevor and Phoebe, nephews of Egon Spengler, in the town of Summerville. Action, revelations and twists on the past of the Ghostbusters will dominate the scene with no ifs and buts.

Space Jam – New Legends: basketball and entertainment for one of the best films of 2021

The sequel to an iconic 90s movie Space Jam revolves around the exploits of NBA star LeBron James. When he and his young son are trapped in a digital space, the Los Angeles Lakers star teams up with Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes to return to reality. A destination to be conquered through a match against a team full of all stars never seen before.

It was the hand of God: an intimate and personal tale among the best films to see

The new film by Paolo Sorrentino (Oscar winner for La Grande Bellezza) was shot in Naples, the hometown of the Italian director. A tale with intimate and personal nuances that can be the surprise of the next winter season. Its release is scheduled for November 24, 2021 both in theaters and on the Netflix streaming platform.

The Matrix Resurrections: the saga with Keanu Reeves reopens its doors

There is much anticipation for The Matrix Resurrections, the fourth installment of a saga that revolutionized the action genre in the late 90s. Keanu Reeves once again takes on the role of Neo, the elected one designated to defend men from machines, focusing on his current condition, embellished by the significant love affair with Trinity. The release in Italian cinemas is scheduled for 22 December 2021.

Cruella: the Disney biopic with Emma Stone

This Disney film serves as a prequel to 101 Dalmatians. The plot centers on fashion designer Estella de Vil, a woman whose ambitions will push her to transform into Cruella De Mon, a controversial figure obsessed with Dalmatian dogs. Emma Stone interprets this sui generis biopic with mastery, enhancing the entire narrative plot.

Diabolik: the Manetti Bros. for a legendary Italian comic

The film adaptation of Diabolik by Manetti Bros. promises sparks. The film will arrive in Italian cinemas on December 16, 2021. And its deliberately vintage style, halfway between the 60s and the 70s, is seasoned by the presence of numerous prominent actors of the Italian scene such as Luca Marinelli, Valerio Mastandrea , Claudia Gerini and Miriam Leone.

Army of the Dead: zombies and shootings among the best films of 2021

Classifiable among Netflix’s best films of 2021, Army of the Dead by Zack Snyder is a film that mixes action, horror and science fiction, dragging the viewer in turn in a series of clashes and shootings that leave little room for imagination. In the cast, we note the presence of the multifaceted Dave Bautista in the background of a Las Vegas zombie version.

Among the best films of 2021 on the list, which title thrilled you the most? Please let us know by commenting below and if you haven’t done so yet, share the article. Also stay up to date with us by leaving a like on our FB page, see you soon and good continuation on Corrado Firera’s Magazine!

CF’s Magazine, The Editorial Team


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