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The Coronavirus Effects On Fashion Industry


Hello, welcome back to CF’s Magazine. Today we will talk about COVID-19 better known as Coronavirus, and more particularly of the effects that the latter will have on the fashion industry, which in Italy but also in France and the United Kingdom represents one of the most virtuous industries in the country, and are many ask the question in question.

The arrival of the coronavirus in Italy takes place on February 21 of this year, the date which coincided with the Milan fashion week, one of the most anticipated events in the world of the fashion.

Already in the same period, the fear of coronavirus contagion forced both Armani and Biagiotti to carry out the most important fashion shows of the year behind closed doors to prevent the event from turning into an outbreak where the virus would have been able to spread in a fast way between buyers, gornalists, models, photographers and other professionals.

It is not so difficult therefore to think that among the first effects of the coronavirus on the world of fashion there is a more rigorous attention to the problem that could lead to the suspension of events so important in the sector that they could compromise not only the earnings but also the image on which luxury brands have been working for years.

In particular, the brands that we have already mentioned such as also Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Bottega Veneta, Fendi and more generally all the brands of Italian luxury but also from countries such as France and the United Kingdom could be severely affected by the economic crisis that is advancing as a consequence of the perhaps wrong but certainly late policies against coronavirus.

At this point, many are wondering how the coronavirus can have such harmful effects on the fashion industry that since the post-war period it has never undergone truly profound crises such as the one that promises?

The answer could be found, for example, in the habits and customs of people whose freedom is limited in these days by central governments which risk undermining what have been the beliefs of ordinary people so far and which can essentially entail a change in their habits of purchase.

In other words, for fear of a possible fallout of the coronavirus on people’s lives or of a serious economic crisis such as that which all experts predict, people could be pushed to shift their consumption towards basic products for a long time, abandoning so at least in part the concept of luxury and purchased safe-haven goods as a consequence of disastrous policies.

At this point it is clear that the first cuts that people will make in their daily expenses relate to the fashion industry, which could receive a loss equal to more than half of their turnover, estimated at around one thousand billion dollars.

And it is precisely for this reason that brands of the caliber of Armani are already thinking about a conversion of their industries, creating surgical gowns and masks.

But it is not the big names in the fashion world who are really on the cutting edge who in one way or another will almost certainly be able to overcome the challenges that the coronavirus has brought to our lives, but instead are the small clothing stores that with the measures adopted by the government of social distancing but also because of an increased fear of contagion people will be more and more inclined to make online purchases to reduce social relationships and therefore the risk of contagion to a minimum.

As for our forecasts on the effects of COVID-19 on the fashion industry, we believe that in 2020 and 2021 digital online shopping platforms will be further enhanced which could even become a preferential channel for buyers in the luxury sector, and the big names in the fashion will be forced to offer their garments to a less selected and wider clientele to face the crisis in a sector that has never seen difficult times from the post-war period to today.

Also from a stylistic point of view the garments will be conceived in such a way as to adapt to new needs and to the uses and customs that are outlined for the future.

Ours currently remain only hypotheses but who knows if in a few months we will not find ourselves talking about the issue again, obviously hoping for a positive outcome not only for the fashion sector but also for our country and the whole world that is currently afflicted by the plague of the coronavirus.

This article on the effects of COVID-19 on the world of fashion ends here, if you found it interesting, share it through the social buttons that you find below and leave a like on our FB page so as not to miss the new and interesting articles that we are preparing for you. , See you soon!

Corrado Firera – CF’s Magazine


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