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Moti Electronic Cigarette – The Perfect Alternative To Tradiotional Cigarettes


Welcome back to CF’s Magazine, today we will tell you about the Moti electronic cigarette, a device that we have had the opportunity to use for several days and that we have found very interesting for different aspects that we will talk about shortly.

Moti Electronic Cigarette – The Design

CORRADO FIRERA, BLOGGER ITALIANI, WEB INFLUENCER più famosi, sigaretta elettronica moti

As we said, we had several days to test the products offered by this incredible brand, but first we want to take a moment to focus on the design of Moti electronic cigarettes.

Sigaretta elettronica moti

Those arrived us are well packed, and the packaging appears very accurate.

Already at first glance the Moti electronic cigarette appears as a high quality, well thought out, and interesting device.

As for the color, on the official website there are different types of colors so we will avoid focusing on that.

The shape of Moti electronic cigarettes varies according to the model chosen, the ones we tried and you see in the photos are very elegant and the color gives a touch of class, they fit very well with a suit, but also with a casual look .

Moti electronic cigarette – Mode of use

sigaretta elettronica moti aurora e pin

Using the Moti electronic cigarette is very simple and intuitive.

Inside the package together with the cigarette you will receive a USB cable through which you can charge your device and thus allow its correct operation.

Always inside the box together with the cigarette and the cable you will also find a charge, or the aroma that will allow you to smoke.

To use the Moti electronic cigarette, simply insert the aroma into the back of the device and start pulling like a normal cigarette, but with a difference, you will not destroy your lungs!

Sigaretta elettronica Moti piin

As far as Moti Piin electronic cigarettes are concerned, they are even much simpler to use as you only need to remove the rubber covers and start smoking! 😀

Pros and cons Moti electronic cigarette

CORRADO FIRERA, BLOGGER ITALIANI, WEB INFLUENCER più famosi, sigaretta elettronica moti

The pros of a Moti electronic cigarette are innumerable, first of all you can order the device of the color you like best, also you can choose the aroma or even order several and change from time to time.

In addition, with an electronic cigarette it will be possible to smoke inside the commercial premises without your smoke disturbing others, you will not have a bad smell on you, and the most important you would not destroy yourself every day as with normal cigarettes whose tar and other chemicals released from burning paper will poison you slowly.

As for the cons of this device there is little to say, it contains nicotine and therefore may prove to be the best choice for those who want to quit smoking but feel the physiological need, to finish you will have to remember to load it every now and then! : D

You can buy the Moti electronic cigarette by clicking here!


We can conclude this short review on the Moti electronic cigarette by fully recommending this product for the reasons you have understood well, fabulous AESTHETICS, EASY TO USE and finally the excellent QUALITY of all Moti devices.

Thanks for being with us, this article on Moti e-cigarettes ends here, if you found it interesting, share it through the social buttons that you find below and leave a like on our FB page so as not to miss the new interesting articles that we are preparing for you , See you soon!

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