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Onychodystrophy and onychomycosis – Here are the differences


Hello everyone, today I would like to raise awareness on a topic that not many bloggers speak on the internet that affects not only the appearance but also the health of people: I think it is important to inform about certain topics because they affect much more people than you believe.


What is the onychodystrophy?

In the medical world with the aforesaid term a dystrophy of the nail is indicated, (Onico from the Greek ónyx ónychos means nail), therefore when we refer to onychodystrophy we are talking about dystrophy of the nail.

The onychodystrophy essentially manifests itself with the morphological change of the nail, and it can be found both in the hand and in the foot but generally it is more likely to appear on the thumb or the big toe.

The first cause that I want to highlight in the appearance of this “pathology” is that traumatic, perhaps because of bumps that damage the nails or for stress caused by sports activity: this facilitates the onset of theodystrophy. The affected nails will be jagged and wavy, and as a logical consequence they will break and chip more easily. Even the color becomes unhealthy and tending to gray or yellow.

Nail nailing can also be caused by a scarce supply of minerals and iron, which contribute to the general health of the nail. At the origin of a nail affected by onychodystrophy, there may also be a problem such as onychopsoriasis.


What are the differences with onychomycosis?

The term mycosis indicates a condition in which pathogenic fungi overcome the resistance of the walls of the human body causing infections. Thus with onychomycosis we refer to a nail infection.

The onychomycosis is caused by dermatophyte fungi that affect the keratin (ie the material of which the nail wall is composed), thus causing an infection in the compromised area that tends to extend until the final fall of the nail in the worst cases.

The problems deriving from the onychomycosis are not exclusively aesthetic: on the nail spots will appear and there will be a progressive yellowing of the infected area, but the infection causes pain and in the most serious cases the fall of the nail.

Onychomycosis can be cured but it is a pathology that can have frequent relapses and it is necessary to intervene promptly with a drug to prevent the infection from spreading to other nails.

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