La Swatch X Omega Moonwatch

The Swatch X Omega Moonwatch


Omega and Swatch, two watchmaking giants on opposite sides of the world, have revealed the work of their incredible partnership: the Moonwatch. A watch whose design was inspired by Omega’s Speedmaster Moonwatch. Zoom in on the comprehensive information you need to know about the Moonwatch.

An unprecedented partnership between two great brands (Omega and Swatch) on opposite sides of the world

An unimaginable news has made many people react in the last days: it is the partnership between Omega and Moonwatch. A partnership whose main object was the Speedmaster Moonwatch.

This partnership was surprising, because the two giants of the watch industry do not evolve in the same branch when it comes to watch production. In fact, on one side, there is Omega: the watchmaking giant that specializes in the production of luxury watches.

It should be noted that thanks to its Speedmaster, Omega is now considered an important ally in the conquest of space. This decision was made because the Speedmaster is a very durable and practical watch for space travel. This has allowed Omega to obtain NASA’s approval to accompany the latter on all space missions.

In addition, Omega is also a specialist in the production of diving watches. A branch in which it has recently strengthened its position with its brand new Omega Seamaster Ultra Deep.

On the other hand, Swatch specializes in the production of watches that are accessible to everyone. Thanks to the structure and materials used in the manufacture of their watches, Swatch has been able to form partnerships with some of the great museums.

The purpose of these partnerships was to reproduce some of the great paintings of the museums on the watches. These partnerships have been beneficial to both parties. In addition, Swatch is known for using cases made of bioceramics (composed of ceramic and castor oil) which are very environmentally friendly materials. Putting this information together better explains this amazing collaboration.

The process of creating the Swatch X Omega Moonwatch is equally impressive

The design of the Swatch X Omega Moonwatch was done under 11 different patterns. These designs were inspired by planets and satellites. More surprisingly, these designs were made while preserving the balance between the two giants.

In fact, the typology of Omega’s Speedmaster was preserved. Moreover, this style has been adapted to the Swatch bioceramic case. A perfectly successful balancing act.

Swatch X Omega Moonwatch features

The features of the Swatch X Omega Moonwatch are quite original. Among them, note:

  • A bioceramic case with a diameter of 42 mm;
  • A watch with a waterproofness of 3 bars;
  • A velcro strap in the same color as the case;
  • Standard packaging;
  • A watch with a Quartz movement;
  • A case with a round shape; clean and smooth edges;
  • A tachymetric scale bezel with a dot on the 90 ;
  • White color of the hands (luminescent in the dark) and of the tachymeter scale;
  • The mushroom-shaped chronograph pushers;
  • Swatch and Omega logo on the dial;
  • “Moonwatch” written next to “Speedmaster” on the dial as well;
  • The cost of the Swatch X Omega Moonwatch which is 250 ā‚¬.

Also note that each model has a mission name. So enumerate: mission to earth, mission to Mars, mission to the moon, mission to the sun, mission to Pluto, mission to Neptune, etc. Also, the color of the clock is directly related to the color of the planet it represents.

In addition to this, note also that depending on the mission to a planet X, a representation of the latter is made. In fact, the representation of the planet concerned is made on each case, more precisely at the level of the cover used to protect the battery. The whole thing is simply beautiful.

Stockout, tails and the success of the Moonwatch

The world has been used to queues, especially when iPhones are released. This time, the iPhone has nothing to do with it. In fact, it is the Moonwatch sold at 250 euros that is currently the cause of major queues in all Swatch stores around the world.

In fact, in France, more precisely in Paris, there are queues in front of Swatch boutiques until 1.30 am. These queues have been maintained until 7 am.

Similar events were also noticed in other French cities such as Bordeaux and Cannes (leading to the closure of the Rue d’Antibes). In Nice, the crowds led to the decision not to open the Cap 3000 shopping center.

Moreover, France is not the only nation to have experienced such scenes. Identical scenes have been noticed in Geneva, as well as in London. It should be noted that the Swatch stores in the latter two cities were the most besieged, with over 300 meters of queue and more than 600 people waiting.

Given the resounding success of the Moonwatch and especially to avoid large queues in front of their stores, Watch decided to impose a limit of one watch per buyer. This decision did not have the desired effect, as the queues kept forming and never ended.

In addition, some buyers took advantage of the fact that others were not able to get the Moonwatch to make a profit. In fact, the lucky ones were selling their watches to the less fortunate ones, and that, quadrupling the base purchase price. It was simply staggering.

The website and some stores were sold out

In addition to the previously mentioned cities, some cities like Tokyo were hit by the Moonwatch selling out in watch stores, and that too very quickly. This has also been the cause of several fights that have been reported in front of the Swiss watch giant’s (Watch) stores. The website is also sold out for this model.

Aware of the success of their creations and the craze that this work has sparked among watch buyers and enthusiasts, Omega and Watch have decided to make the Moonwatch accessible to everyone. To this end, the Moonwatch will soon be available for purchase by ordering online. Also, there is no evidence so far that the Moonwatch will be a limited or exclusive series.

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