5 rules that I follow to keep me fit


Hello everybody, many people always ask me how i do to keep me so fit, they ask me which diet I follow and very often ask me some tip to get the same results, that’s why today I decided to give you 5 useful tips to keep you in shape. Surely with these 5 rules you won’t become Gigi Hadid or Sean O’Pry for the males overnight… Magic doesn’t exist but with great contancy and dedication I’m sure you will be able to get good results in relatively short time.



1) First of all it can only be a healthy diet, you can’t hope for good physical fitness if you aren’t able to give you a regulated for lunch and dinner, surely your physical constitution will affect your physical fitness much, therefore if you are one of those people who gets fat also with air you need to appeal mainly on this point.

Now talking to girls, it doesn’t mean that you have to eat nothing or just to eat puffed maize cakes, puffed rice and lettuce as I often see, rather you have to avoid sugary stuff and foods that contain saturated fats, that are then the ones that will go to deposit Permanently in your back.

You have to eat twice a day including fruits and vegetables without to avoid like the plague the carbohydrates, of course in the right amount, include a healthy and protein breakfast, but be mindful of the afternoon snack!


2) Okay, now you’re finally starting to go the right way with healthy eating but the results are lacking after several weeks, logical, you can’t expect a perfect physical fitness if you don’t make physical activity !!

What do I do to keep me fit ?!

Simple, two or three times a week, early in the morning when the sun isn’t too strong, after a protein breakfast I go to run on the seashore just an hour to keep me fit, then three times a week I go to gym to improve muscle tone where i make alternating exercises for muscle bands.


3) This is one of the item that almost everybody underestimate, isn’t allowed to keep a good diet and to make physical activity occasionally!! If your intention is to keep you in shape you can’t give up your physical activity or healthy nutrition when you don’t feel like it, you always have to work hard with contancy and dedication, whether you want the results arrive or you risk to conclude nothing !

Personally, I recommend to schedule the week for both nutrition and sports activity as i do, so you are psychologically prepared and you don’t forget to comply with what was decided the days before.


4) Physical fitness is proportional to the effort to pursuing your aims, so don’t believe that making four exercises you’ll have got a flawless physical apparence, what will really does a difference when you’ll decide to starting to work for your physical fitness will be the effort that you will employ in what you are doing, you can’t afford to be lazy, I would like stay in bed to sleep hours and hours too, but unfortunately we can’t have everything in life! So you have to choose between working hard for your physical apparence or abandoning yourself to total laziness!


5) As already said if you’re lazy it’s time to change! You have to move in the rest of the day, walk, go around! the physical apparence is reflection of the lifestyle we lead, if you are intention to change your physical apparence you’ll have to first change yourself, your lifestyle, this is the key to achieve the desired results since much time and to stay fine with yourself!

Careful of the psychological factor, I know when you’re starting it will seems difficult, but you’ll see that after first results there is no other way out, and it will be a lot easier !!!

I’m not a nutritionist, or dietician, but through these five rules that now I can express myself to others without fear of my physical apparence, and I think this is the only real way to get good results in relatively short times. Let me know what you think about this article commenting by here at the bottom, I invite you to subscribe the newsletter to be always informed about my next articles, Thank you to have read this article! See you soon !!! 🙂

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