Summer has already arrived since much time, and enjoying the sun beneath the umbrella and a beer in hand you can’t help but notice the amount of stylistic horrors that people make, even wearing the simplest things. It’s really amazing to see how simple clothing like that estival can be ruined in this way. Believe me when I tell you sometimes I would prefer a fist in one eye than see these things.

But now I arrive at the point of the question, also because I know you are curious to know what are the real horrors of summer !!!


1) To wear marsupium

First of all, there are still people wearing marsupium like a super cool clothing. The cases are two, some people or don’t understand that the 80s have already passed since a while, I wasn’t born yet, so I would say yes, or they are nostalgic incurable. The world is full of them, that’s why we can’t to do other than attending these stylistic horrors without anything being able to do. My advice? Turn around on the other side and hope not to see it again.

2) To wear tank top Ugo Fantozzi Style

Another, generally very broad, white, like this above pattern, especially whether to wear it is the classic type no muscles, no abdominals, curved shoulders and with a bit of bad luck even with the belly. Once again we feel frustrated seeing similar aberrations. Okay not everyone are fashionists but wearing this stuff in this century I guess would be horrible for old Ugo Fantozzi too.

3) Mason suntan

Maybe not everyone can afford either for lack of time or for other reasons an integral suntan, so we can forgive this little style fall. Anyway I have to put it in the list becouse is one of the most detestable things, but see below, you will discover that there are things worse than this!

4) Pink and light blue colors


(I avoid you the pic)


Now talking especially to the most eccentric, at least one time to wear black, is it so hard for you? With a swimsuit of these colors, do you really think to can tow at the beach?! If the answer is yes, I give you a friend advice, turn to one good !!

5) Sandals with white socks

It’s not a coincidence if I put it at the bottom, this is the worst of the combinations that can be done, among the horrors that I have listed perhaps is the most terrible. I honestly don’t think this combination can even be reasoned because whether so you need some immediate style lesson. Then when you think this evil has been eradicate, you turn around and you see it another, and there you know that there is no hope for certain evils.

Anyway there’s no remedy for the past, but I hope through this article you will understand what are the most common mistakes and you won’t make them neither this summer nor nexts. Interesting is even what the magazine GLAMOR writes about this topic and where I invite you to give a look, If you liked this article share it on social networks and subscribe my newsletter to be always updated about my next articles!

See you soon !!!



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