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7 Celebrity Fitness Tips – For Her


When we talk about beauty and fitness no one can know more of celebrities that seem to never be marked by the time, and here is a list of 7 fitness tips of celebrities to continue to keep fit over time!

1. Improve your phisycal appearence with Pilates

The Emma Stone‘s advice is to practice Pilates regularly as she does in addition to healthy walks, improve circulation and rebalance the muscles, so this could be the secret of our dear American actress.


2. Do a lot of exercises together with a controlled diet

This is the Kristen Stewart‘s advice that according to what revealed to GQ Magazine, to do a lot of exercise combined with a controlled and healthy diet of protein, vitamins and a few carbohydrates make feel much better than before.


3. Change training often

The Hilary Duff‘s fitness advice instead consists of changing workouts very often to avoid the risk of getting bored and doing so in a superficial way, so switch from one training card to the other to make your workout more stimulating.


4. Alternate kickboxing and weight lifting

I suppose you did not really expect to receive this tip from her, she is Ashley Tisdale. From some time to now, in fact, the American singer and actress is regularly dedicated (at least for an hour a day) to kickboxing, which according to what is reported in Us Weekly, allows her to tone the muscles of the whole body with a particular focus on the abdominal ones, in addition practices exercises with weights to stretch the muscles and strengthen them, in short, a hard training.

5. Do sports outdoors

To say stop to the gym is Mila Kunis, because according to what revealed on Shape Magazine the best alternative are outdoor physical activities, from long walks to snowboarding, these are the favorite activities of the actress.


6. Do squats to ton legs and butt

According to the singer Jennifer Lopez the secret is a physical activity dominated mainly by squats and lunges. Her fitness routine is therefore characterized by a special workout on the legs and buttocks and based on what he tells us it seems to work well with surprising results, see to believe.


7. Do Yoga exercises

To experience and advise the extraordinary results of Yoga are many from Madonna to Venessa Hundgens, which suggest to do Yoga at least once a day for a couple of hours because it does not only good for the body but also for the head and as you well know “mens sana in corpore sano”.

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