hair loss, hair transplantation in turkey, ricardo quaresma, baldness

Hair Fall – How To Fix The Problem Of Baldness With Hair Transplantation


The problem of hair loss or simply of baldness has always been object of fear for those who suffer of it, and often to solve this problem are sought “miraculous” solutions or so-called alternatives, which in reality are transformed only into an unnecessary waste of money, however, a remedy exists fortunately and is the transplant of hair, let’s see together what it is and how it works.


What is hair transplantation?


The hair transplantation as the name suggests, consists in adding hair to the area of head where there is a lack of or in the worst cases the total absence of hair.

Those suffering from alopecia therefore very often learn of this treatment with the hope of solving a problem that in itself has purely aesthetic purposes especially in the case of juvenile baldness, just think of the football player Ricardo Quaresma, who also suffers of alopecia, he had to contact professionals to undergo a capillary treatment.

In fact, the fall of the hair especially in the youngest is cause of embarrassment and shyness that leads the individual to detach slowly from society for fear of being not able to receive criticism about an aesthetic problem that can sometimes be perceived by the patient more serious than that that is actually.

However, it should be said that hair transplantation in Italy still represents a taboo subject, in fact 80% of the Italian male population suffers from baldness but in the last year only about 4000 men underwent treatment, a little for the lack of information related to the subject, a little for the rumors about the prices for hair transplantation I will tell you about shortly.


hair loss, hair transplantation in turkey, ricardo quaresma, baldness

Why resort to hair transplantation? Pros and cons


As I said before alopecia represents for the individual who suffers an aesthetic problem of considerable importance, so the first reason why we should consider using hair transplants is this. The second reason, on the contrary, is the cost, and now I explain why.

For some years now it has become customary for many people to solve their aesthetic problems abroad rather than in Italy, just to take advantage of the low cost of life in some parts of Europe including Turkey. In fact, in this regard I will show you how you can make an hair transplant in Turkey.

Regarding the cons of this type of treatment depends primarily on the type of technique that will be used to proceed with the transplant, there are substantially 2: a call STRIP (FUSS) and another call FUE “.

Both are called self-transplantation techniques as the hair loss will be treated with follicles present in the patient’s own head.

The first one is very invasive because it consists in the removal of a cutaneous part from which the follicles to be transplanted will be taken in the other instead it will operate follicle for follicle without leaving unsightly scars, in this case the course will be shorter and less painful .

Basically the only downside is the possibility that we can deteriorate the donor side, but if you rely on a team of experts do not worry.


The Ricardo Quaresma’s case


hair loss, hair transplantation in turkey, ricardo quaresma, baldness


Ricardo Quaresma Portuguese player of Serie A I imagine you know well, as I told you before he suffer of alopecia, so he had to take contact to Elithairtransplant, a German company that allows you to make hair transplants in Turkey at very advantageous prices for anyone.


hair loss, hair transplantation in turkey, ricardo quaresma, baldness

Ricardo Quaresma hadn’t made a real hair transplant but a tricopigmentation, also called micropigmentation. It is a technique that allows you to eliminate the aesthetic defect by going to cover with specific pigments the area where there is alopecia, a little as with the microblanding to the eyebrows, this is a very recommended treatment in case of thinning hair .

To better understand how it works, watch the Ricardo Quaresma video by clicking here!

From my point of view, hair transplantation is a treatment like any other, but we need to resort to it when we perceive baldness as something absolutely unsightly and we begin to feel an increasing embarrassment when we find ourselves with others. .

Today as we have seen the technology is very developed on hair transplants and you can also use micropigmentation to hide the aesthetic problem so I think that you should not feel absolutely embarrassed in contacting professionals even for a simple consultation that will surely advise you the best way to solve the problem. Go directly to the Elithairtransplant website to find out more by clicking here!

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