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How To Become An Influencer On Instagram


Have you finally decided that your goal will be to become an influencer on Instagram? Then you’re in the right place, in this article I’ll explain how to become famous on IG but above all I will give you the basis for your dream to come true!

First of all it’s good you know that becoming influencer on Instagram is not as easy as you hear around, just buying some followers and some like you won’t take profits that fall from the sky as by magic, it takes work, determination, constancy and seriousness.


What is an influencer?


Influencers are simply ordinary people, just like you, but with a difference, they have hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and this allows them to be advertising vehicles for multinationals that are increasingly spending on influencer marketing.

But why should a brand pay an influencer and not a VIP?

Simple, because an influencer from common life can establish a greater emotional connection with their followers almost as if they were his friends, so when they recommend a product is as if it was advising a friend, in other words the advertising of companies turns into a word of mouth 2.0 of our time.


How to become famous on Instagram


Becoming famous on Instagram is the aspiration of many young people today just like you who are reading this article. While first to achieve success on Instagram only need high-resolution photos and a little want today with the new algorithm of Instagram is much more than that, there are so many variables to consider, but I’ll talk better later.

Becoming popular on Instagram is not therefore a walk, however, if you follow my advice to the letter I am sure that you, like me, will achieve this goal but for now let’s go step by step.


How to make money with Instagram


That of the influencer is now a job like any other but with the difference of being able to earn tens of thousands of euros in a short time … From Chiara Ferragni to Mariano Di Vaio are many fashion influencers who have made it and succeed to easily reach those figures only by posting some posts on the most popular application of the moment, Instagram.

But how do the influencers monetize on Instagram?

The ways to make money are varied, from collaborations with brands, (especially in fashion) that pay influencers for the publication of a few posts in which one of their products appears with their brand, to shoutout up to affiliation programs such as those offered by Amazon or Booking.


How to get more collaborations on Instagram?


I imagine that one of the most frequent questions is this, in particular in most cases you will not simply do anything, will be the companies to contact you when you have a fairly high number of followers but you will need to add your email in the field on the biography of Instagram.

How will companies contact you?

Simple through the hashtags, the places, the page explore, more you publish photos on Instagram with hashtag and geotag more you increase the chances to be found and then contacted, there are also applications in which you can subscribe that put in contact brands with influencers I’ll talk about it in my guide.


How much money do instagram influencers make?


As anticipated before there are exceptional cases in which the earnings on Instagram can reach tens of thousands of euros, but of course the profit on a single post Instagram is related to the number of followers you have, for example an influencer with about 100,000 followers is also paid 400$ for a single post on Instagram while with a million followers from 2000$ to 5000$, not bad as a profit no?

However it is good to clarify that making money with Instagram is not so easy and it is also good to say that a brand can decide to reward its influencers through free travel, clothes, luxury accessories and more, it will be up to you to decide what kind of compensation to accept and with whom to collaborate.


How to increase followers on Instagram


Of course after understanding that the gain on Instagram is related to the number of followers I imagined that your next question would be just that!

Increasing followers on Instagram is not easy but not impossible, you need just to use the right strategies at the same time so as to increase the visibility of your profile thus obtaining a greater number of followers.

These strategies concern the appropriate use of hashtags, constancy of publication, quality of content and not just the amount, then of course to increase the followers on Instagram disproportionately there are some methods that I will talk about in my short guide through which you can grow on Instagram even a hundred thousand followers in just six months or less, of course if you do my suggestions to the letter.


By the way, if you want to follow me on Instagram write in @corrado_firera: D


What are the best hashtags to use on Instagram?


As I told you to use the best hashtags is very important if your goal is to increase your followers on Instagram in a progressive way, but the best hashtag in contrast to what you’re probably thinking are not the biggest and used by instagrammer.

A web influencer knows perfectly well on Instagram the best hashtags are those that do not have a lot of visualizations but also not so few therefore you have to use medium-sized hashtags exclusively relevant to the published content and the theme of your profile, quiet, in my guide I will also talk about this!


Are you tired of all these rumors and you want to get to the point?

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  • All the apps and programs that will help you in this journey
  • Other very important tips

The guide is ideal for those who want to become a web influencer and for those who already have a fair following but want to become a PRO.

All that is written in this ebook is the result of my long experience, a long study on Internet, and tests conducted personally on this application, the price of the ebook is only 19.90€ or 22,56$ for the first week of launch, then inevitably it will pass to 49.90€ or 56,56$ then take advantage now of 60% discount and buy the ebook by clicking the button below, secure payment via PayPal or electronic card, if you have questions contact me by email:


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