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How to choose a connected watch?


The days when watches were only used to tell the time seem to be over! These accessories are indeed little jewels of technology that allow you to control the quality of your sleep, to play the role of a sports trainer, to take care of your health… The offer has thus strongly diversified and it is important, as Hubside Store underlines it, to take the time to study different criteria to choose the model the most adapted to your needs!

#1 Choosing a connected watch compatible with your smartphone

Not all connected watches are compatible with all smartphone brands. That’s why you need to find out beforehand to make sure that your watch will be able to connect to your phone! As a general rule, if you have an iPhone, it is advisable to opt for an Apple Watch. If you have an Android phone, you should choose another model.

#2 The point about autonomy

Connected watches can be recharged at different frequencies: daily, weekly, monthly, and even for some every year because they work with a battery. Depending on your use, this criterion can be very important. Take the time to compare models!

#3 Determine your use

Your connected watch can have several objectives: health, fitness, sleep… Depending on your expectations, you will pay more or less attention to different criteria :

  • Notifications and alerts on your wrist for less handling of your smartphone (options allow not to be disturbed);
  • the analysis of your sleep: it is possible to identify your sleep phases and to give a score;
  • a sports coach: the connected watch can give you instructions and tips for training;
  • health functions: watches have a heart sensor and some models even offer the possibility of performing an electrocardiogram, calculating the maximum oxygen volume or oxygen saturation in the blood.

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