Instagram Allows Again To See Likes, But Only To Influencers!


After the decision of the number one of Menlo Park, (Mark Zuckerberg), to obscure the number of likes to all Instagram users in some countries of the world including Italy, a few days ago a step back was taken, perhaps sign that something went wrong with the decision of obscuring the likes to all users.

In fact from today it will be possible again to see the number of likes on posts that are published on Instagram but with some limitations and now we will see which ones.

First of all it is not possible to see the number of likes if the count is less than 1000, and secondly even if these exceed 1000 to display them you should be an influencer.

Yes, that’s right, only influencers and accounts with at least one hundred thousand followers will be able to see the number of likes on celebrity posts.

The reason for this decision has not yet been announced, perhaps the step back was made as a result of the innumerable complaints that have come from influencers and the thousands if not millions of brands that are on Instagram and that use the application such as fundamental means for their work.

The fact is that today the influencers even more than before seem to have the power to influence not only the economic choices of the users, but even the decisions of Menlo Park, which makes these new professional figures subject to attacks by that public opinion yet skeptical and unable to observe the influencer as a professional of advertising 3.0 which today actually constitutes.

On the contrary, Europe instead begins to wink at these new professional figures that could be the subject of tax evasion thanks to the immense regulatory gaps that the legislation has not yet been able to fill due to the incredible speed of propagation of these new jobs.

Another important note concerning the influencer on Instagram and on all the other social networks regards the responsibility that these figures have towards their users, so knowing the number of likes is fundamental as long as we take into consideration that behind those numbers people are hiding real and very often very young boys and girls who can draw wrong examples from influencer behavior.

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Corrado Firera – CF’s Magazine



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