The Most Fashionable Watch Brands Of 2020


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Welcome back on CF’s Magazine, even today we will talk about wristwatches but this time of the most fashionable watch brands of 2020, we will therefore see which are the most up-to-date and trendy timepieces brands this year.


Most fashionable watch brands of 2020


Daniel Wellington

Let’s start with a very famous brand of recent years, Daniel Wellington. It is a minimalist watch brand that has enjoyed considerable success especially among young people, thanks above all to very affordable prices even among the youngest.

The brand has become viral with extraordinary speed and this year is one of the trendiest fashion watch brands.

Take a look at the flagship wrist watches of this brand:

Daniel Wellington Uhr DW00100133

 Daniel Wellington Uhr DW00100133


Daniel Wellington Unisex Analog Quartz Watch Adult DW00100220


Daniel Wellington Orologio Analogico Quarzo Unisex Adulto con Cinturino in Acciaio Inox DW00100220


Daniel Wellington 0102DW men’s watch


Daniel Wellington 0102DW Orologio da Uomo


Michael Kors

Another very fashionable watch brand this year is Michael Kors, an American brand that needs no introduction, especially among women.

This brand has reached an unexpected popularity, there are many influencers on Instagram to show off the timepieces of this famous American brand.

We see below the best-selling models:

Michael Kors Women’s Quartz Chronograph Watch with MK5896 Stainless Steel Strap

Michael Kors Orologio Cronografo Quarzo Donna con Cinturino in Acciaio Inox MK5896

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Michael Kors Analog Ladies Watch with Stainless Steel Plated Strap MK3493

Michael Kors Orologio Analogico da Donna con Cinturino in Placcato in Acciaio Inox MK3493

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Michael Kors MK3190 Ladies Watch

Michael Kors MK3190 Orologio Donna

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We close with the most fashionable watch brands of 2020 with Maserati, a brand that this year is gathering the consent not only of sports car lovers but also of watch enthusiasts.

Only on our site the clicks made on Maserati watches are far superior to those of any other brand in the current year, this to tell you that with a Maserati wristwatch you will certainly be more cool than with any other watch brand.

Let’s see what the most purchased Maserati timepieces are:

Maserati men’s watch – R887161800

Orologio da uomo, Collezione Epoca, movimento al quarzo, cronografo, in acciaio, PVD oro rosa e cuoio - R8871618007

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Maserati men’s watch – R8873621008

orologio uomo maserati acciaio oro

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Maserati men’s watch – R8853118003

Orologio uomo Maserati - R8853118003

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Thank you for being with us, this article on the most fashionable watch brands of 2020 ends here, if you found it interesting, share it with your friends via the social buttons below and leave a like on our FB page to stay updated with the newest articles we are preparing for you, see you soon!

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