How To Become A Model


To become a model is perhaps one of the greatest expectations of everyone those who love the world of fashion or to which they approach for the first time intrigued by the notoriety and earnings that this profession can bring.

First of all, we disregard the myth that to work in the world of fashion as model is easy and suitable for everyone, I’m sorry but It doesn’t work so, and while reading, I’ll explain you the reasons!


If you are reading this article is because you are interested to become a model and you don’t know where to start, but first of all how does this job work and who is model?

The model is the figure that occasionally does the fashion show with purpose to show at the public the clothes and fashion accessories of the various designers or brands, specifically we are talking about a wearer, obviously his work isn’t limited only to this becouse he pose for photographers in exchange of a cachet (a pay).

This job is articulated in four essential phases: the agency receives a job from some brand to which demands special requirements that models must have for the activity they are called to perform, editorial, catalog, fashion show etc … the agency calls the models he thinks fit to work and makes them the castings. Once the models are chosen on the set date, models receive their cachet after to have concluded the job.



As I mentioned earlier, this job isn’t a profession suitable for everyone and to undestand wether you have the right potential to be able to propose you to an agency, you just have to take the necessary measures with help of some your friend.

So for the boys, you have to have a height between 185cm and 190cm while for girls the minimum height is 175cm to a maximum of 180cm, in general for males just have a dry and not too muscular body, size of gold is 48, the maximum accepted is 50, instead girls to be high isn’t enough, you need to have 90cm flanks and a life as close as possible to 60cm.

Today what the fashion market is looking for is height, while a few years ago a height of 183cm for males or 172cm for a girl was more than good, today with the competition that there is it isn’t suitable, so unless you have an amazing beauty even with these measures it will be very difficult to put you in the fashion world.

Scouters are very selective and strict, and if you don’t have the aforementioned criterials I’m sorry but you have to abandon the idea of becoming a model, even for those who think they have a beautiful face there is no model for the face only, a model must To be able to be employed at 360 °, an agency isn’t willing to invest on people who can’t employed totally, so beware of who proposes you to become a model even knowing to have not the necessary requirements!

Regarding the age for both boys and girls you start very youngs, at 20 years it is supposed to be already a professional, for girls the career ends much earlier than the boys, at 30 years old While for the latter the limit may reach 50.


Now that you know which are the necessary requirements to become a model you just have to put yourself to work for the realization of your dream. However I have to warn you that to get to your goal is not easy, you have to believe a lot in yourself and you must have much determination, it’s useless to say that competition in this industry is ruthless.

Don’t give up at the firsts tentatives, becouse not to be right for an agency doesn’t mean not to be right for everyone else, it depends very much on what the agency is looking for and the types of work that it receives, so don’t be afraid if you think of Having the above-mentioned measures and cards in order to put you in the game don’t drop yourself at the first attempt!

Anyway, in Italy, the only serious fashion agencies are located in Milan and Rome, beware by those who ask you casting by Skype or by phone to become a model, in unknow place or city, a serious agency will only want to see you personally therefore you should consider to travel often or better yet to transfer you. My advice is to continue studying in one of the two cities so you don’t waste time and money making castings for the agencies.

The most serious fashion agencies of Milan below:
















As mentioned before, physical requirements are important but as you will understand, these aren’t all, there are aspects to not underestimate that could make the difference for an agency, continue to read to understand which they are.

First of all, before submitting to an agency, it would be best to have a photographic book in hand, a collection of at least 15/20 photos of portraits, half figures, and whole figures. Having a photo book is like having an identity card in this sector, and valid photos may makes the difference because it’s through photos that you can transmit to the agency your attitude to this profession.

If you haven’t the money problems my advice is to make a professional photographic book directly to Rome or Milan, the cost is around 600/800 €, it depends who makes it, but if you don’t intend to invest this amount, let that the agency will does it for you always wether interested to you, but important is atleast to arrive at the appointment with some polaroid photos.

Beware to agencies whose ask you thousands of euros for a photo book, entrance fees and other fees, a serious agency invests in you, asking in return only seriousness and dedication!

Avoid to present yourself directly to front door of the agency, in Milan, they hate this impetuosity, because agencies have a lot to do, so you have to call and take an appointment at the agency. Almost all agencies have a web site through which they are contacted, usually they ask for anagraphic data, measurements, and some photos. Don’t believe that they answer after two days, agencies receive hundreds of requests from Italy and even abroad so may be needed even 15 days before receiving an answer so be patient.

Anyway, If as I hope, the agency will be interested in you through photos posted from the official website, this will answer you, asking you to present yourself directly to her headquarters in Milan, beware of who ask you casting elsewhere, serious agencies evaluate potential models Only and exclusively after having seen them in their offices.

At the meet, try to go as naturally as possible so for the girls no makeup no heels etc. … Because the agencies want to see exactly how you are at the natural or risk to be not taken seriously, needless to say to arrive on time, the agencies Will not wait for you!

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Good luck !!!

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