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Draghi Government Towards Vaccine Obligation | People Say NO


After a very long vaccination campaign started with the Conte government and continued so far in the best way by the Draghi government, the infections from Covid19 continue to rise, which is why, according to the data of the technical-scientific committee, it is necessary to impose the vaccination obligation for everyone. but the No Vax are not there.

Why do no vaxes not want to get vaccinated?

According to the general thought that underlies the No Vax ideology, the vaccine being in an experimental phase could present serious or even very serious side effects such as death even if not immediately.

With numbers in hand on 60 million vaccine doses, only 328 people have been declared dead due to the vaccine, therefore the very low percentage of deaths currently recorded forces the government to follow this path, as the alleged benefits are much higher than the accidental side case.

What is certain is that no one can know if in the future there will be deaths due to the vaccine over a longer period of time.

Another explanation lies in the mandatory nature of the vaccine, most people would simply like the primordial freedom of being able to choose whether to get vaccinated or not but they absolutely do not take sides against the vaccine as is often told to exploit the No Vax thinking and continue with the campaign. accusatory.

Can the government impose the vaccination obligation?

Article 32 of our italian constitution reads these exact words: “The Republic protects health as a fundamental right of the individual and as a collective interest, and guarantees free medical care to the indigent. Nobody can be obliged to a specific health treatment except by law. “

Therefore, from what has just been read it is clear that the government, if it deems it appropriate, can in any case, (being among the other a situation of risk for the health of the public community), impose the vaccination obligation on everyone even if in this case it becomes difficult to find those who will be future offenders.

The government increases the dose and tightens even more on No Vax to extend the obligation of the Green Pass

After 7 long months of vaccination campaign, citizens not yet vaccinated appear to be too many, more than 20 million, which is why the Draghi government with its latest decree 73/2021 Covid requires, even if not directly, the No Vax to be vaccinated.

In fact, if on the one hand it does not resort directly to article 32, on the other it imposes restrictions on personal freedom on a large slice of the population to “entice” the No Vax to abandon their peremptory line.

In fact, from 5 August for No Vax it will no longer be possible to go to the gym, go to the restaurant indoors, they will not be able to enter events, concerts, and much more without showing the Green Pass, or the green certification attesting to having undergone the first dose vaccinal.

To travel it will always be possible with the aid of a molecular or antigenic pad according to the legal provisions of the countries where you want to enter.

The government towards the peremptory obligation of the vaccine

As they said, the Draghi government is adopting more restrictive measures, also limiting freedom for the No Vax, and promises in September a new decree with even more stringent measures up to the almost total exclusion of the unvaccinated from social life.

Furthermore, from September the Green Pass can only be obtained after obtaining two doses of vaccine instead of one.

The No Vax Are Not There

For days, demonstrations and strikes by the No Vax have been taking place in all the largest cities in Italy to try to change course to a government that does not seem to hint at a move of repentance on the political line adopted.

What is certain is that the No Vax are not there, and even the vaccinated citizens are lashing out at them amid controversy and demonstrations.

Keep following us and we will keep you updated on the situation, good continuation on Corrado Firera’s Magazine.

CF’s Magazine, The Editorial Team


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