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5 Things To Gift To Your Girlfriend For Christmas


When Christmas comes it’s always a problem to find the right gift for your girlfriend, and often you risk getting up to the last minute with nothing on your hands, but to avoid running into this bad situation with your partner let’s see what we can gift to her.

Before the list, I want to clarify that the choice of Christmas gift to do to your girlfriend also depends on what she likes to do, so I imagine that if you know at least a little your girlfriend, (as I hope it is), you will not have problems choosing one of the things on this list.

Obviously this is not an anniversary so the gift you are going to do will not be excessive like a necklace or a ring, but not superficial, this means that it must be something simple and referable to what your girl loves to do in free time.


1) A Book

girl reads

Does your girl love to read? you absolutely have to gift to her a good book. In this way, not only will you make it clear that you are attentive to what she likes, but also that you are not superficial and obvious, among other things it would be better if you know what kind of books your girl reads to be on the safe side.


2) A pair of shoes

high heels shoes

Girls love shoes, they are probably the second thing they love more than you, that’s why with this gift you can not absolutely make mistakes, at most you can mistake the number, so be careful before making the purchase. As for the type, naturally they must be elegant shoes so that they can wear them for Christmas, also pay attention to notice if your girl prefers shoes with stiletto heel or thicker heel, will have 50 pairs so you can not go wrong .


3) A Watch

miranda kerr, women watches

Girls love all that glitters, and if on the one hand a ring or a necklace would be an excess as a Christmas present to be done to your girlfriend, a watch is the perfect middle ground and therefore a gift suitable for the occasion, to that I have compiled a list of the most beautiful and fashionable watches of the moment that you find by clicking on the image below.


miranda kerr, women watches
Women Watches – Trends Of The Moment


4) A woman bag

women red bag

For a girl a bag is a must have, something that no woman can give up for a walk or even for a business appointment, because inside the girls keep their “essential” that is: smartphone, make up, creams, even a pair of shoes is an element that can never be missing, so it could certainly be the right choice for a Christmas present with a decidedly cool tone.


5) A dream trip to Venice

baglioni hotel luna, Venice

Every girl would like to wake up in the morning and be surrounded by these wonders, open the window and admire the breathtaking scenery that this city is able to offer, of course not everyone can afford to gift a trip but if you have the chance I’m sure you will leave your girlfriend open-mouthed. Do you want to find out more about where to stay and what to do in Venice? click on the image below!


venezia, viaggiare
Dream Trip To Venice – What To Do And Where To Stay


Thanks for being with me, the article about what Christmas present to do to your girlfriend ends here, if you found it interesting share it through the social buttons that you find below and leave a like to the FB page of the magazine to stay updated with the fashion trends and news from the lifestyle world, see you soon!


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