Camille from l'oiseau rose talks about being an influencer

Camille from l’oiseau rose talks about being an influencer


The job of travel influencer is becoming more and more exciting. After all, who wouldn’t love to be paid to travel constantly and discover new destinations? However, you should know that this profession has its share of commitments! To better understand the inner workings of such a career choice, here is the opinion oftravel blogger Camille de l’oiseau rose.

First of all, what is an influencer?

By definition, an influencer is aprofessional who through relevant digital content manages to influence the buying and consumption behavior of several individuals. In her analysis Camille Rose states that her role is primarily to suggest to her audience new destinations as well as new travel tips.

Camille also states that her work is important because it addresses aconsistent need among Internet users to accumulate several pieces of information before choosing the destination of their next trip.

Among the most frequent questions she receives are “where should I go on my trip?“, “should I take this route?“, etc. Questions that she happily answers, based in particular on her own experience.

Besides, if influencers are listened to so much it’s because they often offer an authentic and “human feedback. Sometimes their content has no commercial motivation! If so, it’s simple feedback that can be remarkably useful.

What happens when you’re an influencer

Camille Rose says influencers are often approached by brands. For example, she wrote a very good review article about her experience with Click and Boat detailing her feelings and taking photos to help Internet users form an opinion. Nevertheless, in the interest of credibility in the eyes of their audience, influencers should pay attention to the image the brand is sending out before engaging with it. If the latter is doing false advertising, the influencer promoting their products and services can quickly find themselves discredited! From the moment hisreputation is tarnished, it will be remarkably difficult for him to regain the trust of his audience.

Can you make a living from your passion when you are an influencer?

According to Camille Rose, the answer is yes! It is entirely possible to make a living from being an influencer. However, she insists that several parameters must be considered before embarking on such a career. According to her, this profession is remarkably demanding! In particular, she says that producing relevant content and with high quality standards requires a lot of time.

Being an influencer also requires being constantly connected to social networks which leaves little time to enjoy a beautiful landscape, an interesting experience, etc.

Success in the influencer career sometimes even requires mastering certain technical aspects. As a blogger, Camille Rose says she has to work on the referencing of her blog which is not an easy task at all.

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