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The 10 Most Beautiful Fitness Models Of The Moments


Recently you hear more and more talk about fitness mode, and if you have arrived here it is because you too are intrigued by this word as accustomed to seeing the figure of the model as a very thin or almost anorexic girl, so let’s clarify your doubts.

Fitness models as the word says well are models who have a dry, well-trained and muscular body, due to the physical activity that they regularly perform at levels above average.

Soon we will tell you who are the 10 best fitness models of the moment and also the most beautiful, but first we try to understand how the job of the fitness models works.

The fitness model is obviously not one of those models that parades in catwalks because that type of activity can not be done by girls with a physique too muscular even if not always, in fact their work consists mostly in representing a sporting brands or in any case a brand that closely affects sporting activity.

That’s why recently we hear more and more often talk about fitness models, in the era of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube where web influencers are a bit like mushrooms this figure becomes a brand ambassador of multiple sports brands on the social above mentioned, and therefore vehicle advertising on a very high audience.

How to become a fitness model?

If you are fascinated by physical activity and you feel you can not do without it, you like a muscular body and you are the fans of web influencers that we will mention you in a moment so we are sure that the fitness model is just the job for you.

Becoming a fitness model is not as difficult as you can think especially if your passion is the gym and sports in general.

So the first thing is to enroll in a good gym and start working hard with a training card that will bear fruit in a relatively short time, secondly it will help you to be very active on social networks as it will be right here that a considerable audience will begin to receive requests for collaboration via email.

If you do not have the desired results with social networks once you have reached the required physical form, you can still contact agencies looking for fitness models so that they can find the collaborations for you.

Like everything, even that of the fitness model is a job that requires consistency and dedication, perhaps more than many others, but if your passion is fitness then you are sure that you can achieve your goals, nothing is impossible, just you need to want it .

Who are the best fitness models?

Here we are finally arrived at the part that you certainly expected to read, below the list of the 10 best fitness models of the moment:

1) Michelle Lewin

Michelle lewin, fitness model

Michelle Lewin 

Birthday: 25 February 1986

Height: 1,64 cm

Weight: 55 kg

Instagram: @Michelle_Lewin

2) Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines, fitness model

Fitness models – Kayla Itsines

Birthday: 21 maggio 1991

Height: 1,64 cm

Weight: 52 kg

Instagram: @Kayla_Itsines

3) Jen Selter

jen selter, fitness model

Jen Selter

Birthday: 8 agosto 1993

Height: 1,68 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Instagram: @Jenselter

4) Anllela Sagra

Anllela Sagra, fitness model

 Fitness Model – Anllela Sagra

Birthday: 6 ottobre 1993

Height: 1,74

Weight: 54,2 Kg

Instagram: @Anllela_Sagra

5) Paige Hathaway

paige hathaway, fitness model

Paige Hathaway

Birthday: 31 giugno 1987

Weight: 56 Kg

Instagram: @Paigehathaway

6) Mary Helen Bowers

Mary Helen Bowers, fitness model

Mary Helen Bowers is a fitness model that has become popular in the world of the web thanks to her ability to combine her two greatest passions, classical dance and gym, in fact in her profile Instagram has more than half a million followers.

Instagram: @balletbeautiful

7) Gabriela Pugliesi

gabriela pugliesi, fitness model

Gabriela Pugliesi

Height: 1,70

Weight: tra 59 e 61

Instagram: @gabrielapugliesi

8) Hannah Bronfman

hannah bronfman, fitness model

Instagram: @Hannahbronfman

9) Bella Falconi – Fitness Model

bella falconi, fitness model

Instagram: @Bellafalconi

10) Nicole Winhoffer

nicole winhoffer, fitness model

Nicole Winhoffer is a young fitness model still not very famous, but is experiencing a notable increase in her fame due to the long-term partnership with Adidas training.

Instagram: @Nicolewinhoffer

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