Dry And Fat Dandruff On Hair – Causes, Remedies And Cures


Dandruff on the hair has always been an unaesthetic element of the hair with which men are forced to fight. Dandruff is formed near the scalp making it visible to everyone and thus creating an uncomfortable situation for every person who suffers.

In this regard, therefore, we always try to shed light on this aesthetic antagonist to understand what we have to do with, which is why the most frequently asked questions when it comes to hair dandruff are the following: What is dandruff? What are the causes of dandruff? or what are the remedies and treatments for dandruff?

So we have written this article so that you can find the answers to your questions about a problem that affects so many people, read on!

What is dandruff?


Dandruff is nothing but the appearance of small white scales on the hair or even called scaling of the scalp, which are therefore found near the hair root.

In the most serious situations of dandruff, the latter can appear along the entire perimeter of the hair, creating in the individual who suffers a situation of aesthetic discomfort that is very serious, leading to its closure to the outside world.

In this regard it is therefore legitimate to seek a remedy or, if possible, a cure for dandruff on the hair to prevent the psychological situation of the affected person from becoming so serious.


What are the causes of dandruff on the hair?


Dandruff is considered by many only as a simple desquamation near the scalp but the truth is not exactly this. In fact, dermatologists say that dandruff on the hair is due to a light seborrheic dermatitis, that is able to cause desquamation but without causing irritation in the affected area.

It is also to be specified that the light or acute seborrheic dermatitis that causes the appearance of dandruff is however determined by a microbial so called Malassezia Furfur, which on the basis of its action can therefore determine an acute inflammatory reaction or the simple desquamation and therefore cause it dandruff.

In addition to the above, it must be said that this microbial can remain latent in time to become active only in certain periods of life, as there are so-called triggering factors that activate its action, these can be environmental, psychosomatic agents such as for example, stress, etc., in times of particular tension there may be more acute episodes of appearance of dandruff accompanied by skin inflammation.

How to recognize dry dandruff from the fat one?


Dandruff can essentially be of two types, dry or oily, so let’s try to understand together what your specific case is so that we can act accordingly.

Dry dandruff is generally made up of whitish scales which, by shaking the hair a little, falls on the clothes, thus they are scales that are not hydrated but dry, which easily detach from the hair.

The latter is generally determined by dry skin, and can worsen in winter or simply with stress, we also remind you that dry dandruff can also be derived from skin diseases such as Eczema and Psoriasis.

The fat dandruff instead is yellowish and very oily, it is difficult to remove from the hair as it is very sticky, generally the scales are characterized by a much larger size than the previous ones. The causes in this case can be only two: either the skin is very oily or the affected person suffers from seborrheic dermatitis.


What are the remedies and cures for dandruff?


Alas, unfortunately there are no official cures for dandruff that can cause the definitive disappearance, so beware of those trying to offer you miraculous cures, but there are remedies that can alleviate the aesthetic problem of dandruff if not even cancel it for short periods of time, essentially this is possible with pharmacologically active products that possess antifungal characteristics.

However, by paying a little attention to your routine through targeted behaviors you could alleviate the unsightly dandruff problem, for example by washing your head only once a day and with lukewarm water as too hot water may cause the skin to dry out with a consequent peeling of the epidermal surface, thus premising that the same thing happens when washed too often.

For subjects with actual seborrheic dermatitis or with dandruff accompanied by inflammation on the skin surface, we have also tested that there are cortisone-based creams that make the irritation and dandruff disappear for more or less long time spans but it is our duty inform you that it is against the use of cortisone based creams without the permission of your doctor.

Thank you for being with us, the article about what is dandruff ends here, if you found it interesting, share it through the social buttons that you find below and leave a like to our FB page to not miss the news and trends that every day we publish for you, see you soon!

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