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Women’S Swimsuits – Fashion Trends Of Summer 2019


Every year for women of all ages it is increasingly difficult to choose a swimsuit to show off on the beach, which is why we at CF’s Magazine could not exempt ourselves from giving you our help, and in this regard we made the list of the most fashionable and trendy women’s swimsuits for the summer 2019.

In particular, this is our selection taking into consideration: Aesthetics, fashion, trends, and price. We also want to inform you that for every purchase made on the site to which you will be directed through our links, we could earn a small commission, we thank you in advance and let us know what you think of our selection through the social channels of the site! 🙂

List of the most fashionable women’s swimwear for the summer 2019


Women’s Swimsuit – Two Piece Push up Bikini with a high waist

Rawdah-- Costumi da Bagno Donna Due Pezzi Mare Push up Bikini Donna Set Striped Alta Vita Bikini in Velluto Costume da Bagno Swimwear Costumi Balneari

Click here to see it better or buy

The high-waisted swimsuit is very fashionable this year, buying this model you will surely be on the safe side, on the site where you will be directed other colors are available.


Sunnyuk Women’s Swimwear Leopard Woman Two Piece Brazilian

Sunnyuk Costumi da Bagno Donna Leopardo Ragazza Due Pezzi Brasiliana Sexy Bikini Caldo Donna Mare Push up Perizoma Bikini Donna Mare Calzedonia Push up Bikini

Brazilian is a very sexy type of swimsuit, if you are interested in this model make sure you have some nice long legs or you risk making a hole in the water, interesting is the leopard print, to see it better or buy it click on the picture.


Italily – Bikini Woman Sexy Polka Dot Printed Swimsuit, Padded Push-up

Italily - Bikini Donna Costume da Bagno Sexy Stampato a Pois, Imbottito Push-up, Imbottito da Bagno, Costumi da Bagno, Costumi da Bagno

The polka-dot one is a model that we can consider a must-have, just one of those models that you must necessarily have in your wardrobe, take a better look by clicking on the photo.


Nisengs Bikini Two Piece Swimsuits Woman Push Up

Nisengs Benda Bikini Costumi Due Pezzi Triangolo Costumi da Mare Donna Costumi da Bagno Push Up

Click here to see it better or buy

Instead, what really struck us about this women’s swimsuit is the color, the design is very particular, so it could only enter this list, highly recommended for young girls and long-limbed bodies, look better by clicking on the photo.


SHEKINI Two Piece Women’s Swimwear

 SHEKINI Costumi da Bagno Donne Due Pezzi Capestro Bendare Foglie di Fiori Stampa Costume Bikini Costume da Bagno Mare Spiaggia Estate

Click here to see it better or buy

This two-piece costume for women is interesting for the different colors that characterize it, above with solid colors and underneath with flowers, very nice for this summer 2019, take a look by clicking on the photo.


NIUQY Two Piece Women’s Bikini Set – Summer 2019

 NIUQY Bikini da Bagno Donna a Triangolo,Femminile Costumi Costumi Due Pezzi Capestro Bendare Bikini Mare Spiaggia Estate

Click here to see it better or buy

This is a very simple two piece but despite it is one of the best buy on Amazon, basically simplicity always pays, take a better look by clicking on the photo.


Aleumdr Women Push Up with Shorts Costumes Woman Mare Two Pieces

 Aleumdr Donne Push Up con Pantaloncino Costumi Donna Mare Due Pezzi Tie-Dye Bikini Pantaloncino con Farfalla
For the slightly shyer girls there is instead the possibility of buying two-piece shorts so that you can spend pleasant moments on the beach without feeling uncomfortable but still remaining fashionable.

MWS Bikini Costume Ahead MOD Neo 3D Effect with Padded Cup – Swimwear Mare

 Costume Bikini MWS Ahead MOD Neo Effetto 3D con Coppa Imbottita - Swimwear Mare

An interesting proposal is also this swimsuit for women, with neon details and bright colors, very cool this summer, take a look by clicking on the photo.


Aleumdr Sexy Women’s Swimsuit Tie Dye Women’s Costume Two Piece Bandeau Women’s Bikini Set Push-Up

Aleumdr Sexy Costume da Bagno Donna Tie Dye Costume Donna Due Pezzi Bandeau Set Bikini Donna Push-Up

The design of this swimsuit is very fresh and up-to-date, interesting are the color combinations, highly recommended for younger girls with a nice body.


Bettydom Woman Swimwear Swimwear Neck Hanging Tankini


Bettydom Donna Swimwear Costumi da Bagno Collo Appeso Tankini con Due Colori opzionali

This blue and white striped print is very much for sailors, the design is simple and sober, click on the photo to see it better.


Rawdah- Sexy high-waisted bikini for women

Rawdah- Sexy Donne Bikini Impostato,2pcs Gatto Costume da Bagno Bottone a Maglia Sportivo Bikini Impostato Spingere su Mare Push Up Costumi da Bagno Swimwear Swimsuit

As we said before, the high-waisted swimsuit is very fashionable this year, that’s why this is one of the freshest and most current proposals that we suggest you to look better by clicking on the photo.


Abollria Women’s One-Piece Swimsuit with Push-up

Abollria Costume Intero Donna con Push-up Costume da Bagno a Un Pezzo Costume per Estate, per Mare, Piscina, Spiaggia, Vacanza, Party.

Trendy this year is the floral print as we talked about in different articles so the proposal of this costume brand is certainly trendy and fashionable, if the one-piece costume is what you are looking for this could be without a doubt the your choice, take a look by clicking on the photo.


SHEKINI Women’s one-piece swimsuit

SHEKINI Donne Un Pezzo Bikini Donna High Cut Costume Intero Mare e Piscina Costumi da Bagno Donna Intero Beachwear Imbottitura Estraibile

Click here to see it better or buy

What you see above is a one-piece swimsuit, but nevertheless it retains its sexy and fashionable character, surely if you are looking for a whole piece, simple but at the same time very sexy this is the best proposal according to us.


Sexy Woman One Piece Swimsuit – Summer 2019


beautyjourney ❤️2018 Costume Intero Donna Sexy Sexy Donne Beachwear Donne Intero Bikini Imbottito Reggiseno Costume da Bagno Costumi da Mare Push-up - Brasiliana Bikini Vita Alta Donna

A swimsuit with a tropical flavor is what it takes to immerse yourself in the full summer climate, the colors are very beautiful, click on the photo to see it better.


Bettydom Woman Swimwear One Piece Swimwear Color Black

 Bettydom Donna Swimwear Un Pezzo Costumi da Bagno di Colore Nero Cinque Colori opzionali

Finally we close this list of women’s swimsuits with this latest proposal, a simple, attractive swimsuit, if you want to impress but at the same time you are not bold enough to wear a bikini this may be your choice, click on the photo to see it better or buy it.

Thank you for being with us, if you liked this list of the most fashionable women’s swimsuits for the summer 2019, share it with your friends via the social buttons below and leave a like on our FB page to not lose the news and trends from the world of fashion and lifestyle, see you soon!


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