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How To Improve Your Style And Be Cool, Look Beautiful And Seductive


Welcome to CF’s Magazine, I am Corrado Firera, at least for today your style and fashion coach, today we will deal with a theme that interests many of you, or How to be cool and improve your look.

Let’s start by making a small premise, being cool doesn’t mean having money and stuff costing thousands of euros like many think and now we’ll see how to get an attractive aesthetic with what we have.

Find your beard and hair style

corrado firera, cf's Magazine, barba e capelli 2020, ciuffo capelli

First of all, if you want to look cool, you need to find a beard and hair look that fits your face, paying attention to the geometry.

If your face is very thin a bit of beard could make it look fuller and more attractive, if you have a face with hard features, a very noticeable jaw and a chin outlined do not cover it with a beard, it would be a shame.

If, on the other hand, yours is a round face, having a little beard can help you make it look long-limbed.

corrado firera, cf's magazine, essere cool, be cool

As for the hair, to be cool you have to follow the fashion a bit, don’t worry, I don’t want you to dye platinum-white hair like many VIPs, but you absolutely have to give a touch of style to those too!

For your hair look I advice to learn more by reading this article below:

2020 men's haircut, mariano di vaio
Mens Hair Looks – 21 Short Haircuts, Shaved Sides And Faded

If you need any ideas regarding your beard style, you can find the most beautiful look of the moment below:

The Coolest Shaving Cuts Of The Moment

Now we are sure that with regards to your beard and hair look we are in place after you have read these two articles, so let’s go directly to the second part.

Change your style – Improve your wardrobe if necessary

corrado firera, stile, barba e capelli 2020

Now that you know what you need to do to improve your beard and hair style it’s time to work a little on your aesthetic look, on your way of dressing.

To be cool, knowing how to dress is essential, but what is it that really makes the difference when choosing clothes and getting dressed?

That’s the point, don’t think of dressing the same way for every occasion.

First of all you begin to understand that if you have to go to the bar you just need to dress casual but if you have to go to an event a dapper, elegant look may be required, so avoid making a bad impression here.

Not infrequently it happens to observe people completely out of place with misleading outfits from what is the context in which one finds oneself.

How to understand if we wear the right look – Improve your style

At this point you may be wondering that I guess, and the answer is very simple.

If you are going to the restaurant dressed in elegant or at least chic, if you are going for a walk, it is good for casual mornings and a bit more chic in the evening, especially Saturday and Sunday.

If instead you go to wedding event is strictly recommended the elegant look, casual goes well at a party and so on ..

The important thing is that before going to an event you ask yourself the question; “Do I go well dressed like this for this event?” And with a bit of logic you will get there by yourself.

Match the clothes to be cool

corrado firera, modelli, modelli italiani, migliorare lo stile, essere cool, be cool

Secondly, to improve your style it will be essential that you learn to combine clothes with logic and criteria.

Okay, fashion doesn’t always follow the logic, but the beauty is just this because you can be creative in choosing the ideal outfit.

Matching the clothes is very simple, just use two colors or at most three colors, but pay attention to the fabrics as well, as two different types of fabrics do not always fit together well.

In addition, geometry is also important, tartan trousers (plaid) certainly do not fit a pinstripe jacket, so be careful.

So choose the ideal color for the event or for your walk, (With black you never go wrong), so let’s assume you choose black, since you are a beginner you could start by combining it with white or red.

Make sure that in your outfit these two colors recall each other, for example the white shoes with the white shirt and the black jeans with the black of the jacket.

This just to make you understand how it works, now let’s look at a picture to better understand…

corrado firera

As you can see in this photo I have white shoes that recall the shirt, and the pants the jacket, plus behind the shoes there are two red and black lines like the logo of the shirt which is a touch of class, that’s how it works guys !

If necessary you will have to give a change to your wardrobe, not necessarily spending so much money on impossible fashion brands, the important thing is that the clothes are fashionable and combined.

Try them in the dressing room and see how they fit before buying them, just so you can get exceptional outfits to improve your look.

Adjust your posture to improve the look

corrado firera, modelli, modelli italiani, migliorare lo stile, essere cool, be cool

Now that you know how to improve your beard and hair style and how to dress to be cool, all you have to do is adjust your posture.

People who don’t pay much attention to style tend to walk much more freely and listlessly so if you’ve been that kind of person so far you just have to change!

oggi tratteremo un tema che interessa molti di voi, ovvero Come essere cool e migliorare il proprio look.

So if you first walked curved try to straighten up that back a little and don’t be afraid to show your height to everyone.

If before when you were walking you kept both hands free to start putting one in your pocket and with the other adjust your jacket, that’s cool!

Work on your body, start exercising

corrado firera, ragazzi con pesi, ragazzi muscolosi, sport, palestra, immagini hd

Another of those fundamental things to improve your style is to train. A beautiful toned and sculpted body is necessary for people to start seeing you cool.

This is because people also instinctively see you as a healthy and fit person, they begin to see you with another eye, people will appreciate you more by immediately noticing your commitment.

corrado firera, modelli, modelli italiani, migliorare lo stile, essere cool, be cool, fisico ragazzi
corrado firera, modelli, modelli italiani, migliorare lo stile, essere cool, be cool, fisico ragazzi

Furthermore, with a muscular physique your clothes will look better, you will not only be cooler but also more sexy, improving your style and achieving your goal in full.

Sign up at the gym and start training seriously with a training plan tailored for you!

How to be really cool

corrado firera, modelli, modelli italiani, migliorare lo stile, essere cool, be cool

Increase your self-esteem

If you really want others to see you cool, if you want to be cool you have to work on yourself first. Improving the style and the look is good to give you some confidence in your possibilities but you have to want really to change.

Know that an insecure person is not cool, a person who does not see herself well is not sexy, shyness is not attractive.

If all these features reflect a little what you are you must change absolutely, or change only the look will be of little use.

Going to the gym and increasing your muscle tone can certainly help you to have a better perception of yourself and therefore also increase self-esteem.

The latter is crucial when you want to convey a positive message to those around you, the biggest mistake is to think that only others can be cool, nothing wronger.

My personal tip

Do not find trivial excuses to stay in the position you are in now, such as the others are rich, or the others are two meters, or I cannot lose weight and so on, or you will never see what good life can offer you with a bit of commitment.

No one in this world born to be perfect, but nature wants human beings to be born to learn and learn, start from here, where you are now and you will see that the results will not be long in coming.

Do you know why I put all these pictures of me in this article? To show you how good you look in the photos when you are sure of yourself in whatever context you are.

And you? Do you want to stay here still crying on yourself or do you want to finally give you a wake up call?

Thank you for being with me, this article on how to be cool and improve your style ends here, if you found it interesting, leave a like on the FB page of CF’s Magazine on the side so you don’t miss the new articles I’m preparing for you, soon!

Corrado Firera – CF’s Magazine



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