come guadagnare online

How to Make Money Online Fast – 5 Realistic Money Making Methods


come guadagnare online

It’s been a long time now that there are “web gurus” rumors who propose miraculous methods to make money online, but the truth about making money from home is not exactly the one that comes out of most blogs that deal with this topic, indeed a lot often the intention of these sites is to sell you something, so the only people who make money are them.

That is why we could not exempt ourselves once again from dealing with this topic, or how to make money online seriously, and below we will list the 5 methods to make money online that really work and that will change the way you view conventional work.

How to make money online


Before coming to the list of unconventional jobs to earn online that we have experienced personally, it is right to say that these are methods of earning for which commitment and dedication is expected.

Miracles do not exist and WE ARE THE ARTIFICATIONS OF OUR FUTURE, in life you have only two solutions for the social revenge, investing TIME or MONEY, which clearly are the two things that make our society go forward.

If you have the money surely this is not the article for you as you could invest it in activities that can allow you an economic return in very short terms.

If instead the only thing you can invest is time, read on and you won’t regret it!


1) Become a Web Influencer


This is the first method to make money online that we want to talk about. Many of you will have already heard about it often but have not had the time or the desire to go deeper into the subject, but now we will explain you well in detail how to make money by becoming a Web Influencer or also called Brand Ambassador.

The web influencer is a professional figure which operates through social networks. In practice these are people like us who manage to attract the attention of hundreds of thousands of social users through channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube.

But how does a web influencer make money online?

Easy, the brands pay these 3.0 public figures, for a very simple reason, their photos are seen by thousands of people and therefore these brand ambassadors become advertising vehicles managing to shift people’s market consumption, it’s how it works in the world of television.

Therefore, increase the number of followers, you are contacted by the brands, take a picture with the product received and earn money.

Even Corrado Firera, founder of this website is currently web influencer, achieving this goal and starting to make money online through social networks in less than two years since he has no TV career behind him that has given a boost to the number of his followers, so if you are wondering if it is possible to start from zero the answer is absolutely YES, but with a lot of work.



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How To Become An Influencer On Instagram


2) Become a blogger


Earning online is not easy, but if you have passions or knowledge in a particular field that few people have, you should consider creating a blog.

Becoming a blogger today is no longer as difficult as a few years ago when no one heard of bloggers as a full-fledged job.

Today, in fact, to create a blog it is sufficient to buy a space on the web, the so-called hosting, and through, download a theme to work on, and start writing articles.

Don’t snub this method, there are examples of people who have come to earn online through their blog stratospheric millions of dollars, so think again before you give up.

If you do not believe that this is possible, know that this blog was born thanks to the Corrado Firera’s passion for the internet and the digital world in a broader sense, that through a study on the internet, consulting different websites in different languages and with a bit of determination was able to achieve this blog without ever having done anything before that had to do with this world.

This is to tell you that if you truly believe you have something to tell, if you know a subject more than the average of people then this could be the turning point to start investing time in something that can really make you earn online, of course though if you start doing it only for money I guarantee that you won’t last two months.

Earn money online through a blog or website is therefore possible, through affiliations, the sale of advertising space and therefore with Adsense or even through direct collaborations with brands.

Even in this case, don’t expect the money to start raining from the sky as if by magic, because the results will begin to arrive at least after a year if you do everything correctly, but you will begin to see a handsome full salary only after at least three years, always if you’re good.

Just a tip for newcomers to the sector, start studying SEO and SEM.

3) Create an E-commerce


Among the different methods to earn online obviously could not miss the e-commerce, a tool through which to sell physical products without opening a physical store, which we find fantastic for some simple reasons that we will explain shortly.

Unlike a physical store, opening an e-commerce will prevent you from paying the rent of the premises that you should use and paying some fees related to the presence of physical activity, and the management of an e-commerce is less abstruse than to the management of a physical store.

Another important aspect to consider is the investment capital, while to open a physical store you would need a considerable starting capital, to start an e-commerce it will be sufficient for you to invest a much lower amount, which makes the simpler and less expensive start.


4) Sell online services


If you have special abilities but opening a blog is not for you because you are not writing or simply don’t like the idea you can still create a website through which to sell your services.

For example, if you are a portraitist you could create a website as a showcase open to the world in which to show your abilities in order to sell your portraits on commission, or maybe if you are able to create websites you could create one within which describe what you do and advertise it via social media or Google.

These are just examples but if you have a talent it would be a shame to waste it by keeping it for you when it could give you money but also a lot of satisfaction.


5) Join to online auctions


Finally, another possibility to consider to earn online even from home is to participate in online auctions. In fact, through these auctions it is possible to buy items, low-cost goods and then resell them at a higher price.

Simply connect to the different auction sites, register and participate in the various auctions, based on your possibilities.

Thank you for being with us, this article about how to make money online seriously ends here, if you found it interesting, share it via the social buttons below and leave a like on our FB page to not lose the new articles we are preparing for you , See you soon!

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