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How To Lose 10Kg In Few Months – Tips To Lose Weight


come perdere peso

Physical appearence has always been a matter of concern not only for women but also for men of all ages. Above all, today looking beautiful, strong, healthy and thin has become a must for our society, and this causes people who suffer from overweight a strong unease, which is why today we wrote this article on how to lose 10Kg in a few months.

How to lose 10Kg in 3 months


First of all, it must be said that losing 10kg in just 3 months is a very difficult goal to reach, especially for those who find it difficult to lose fat, in fact the only way to achieve this is to have a strict diet to follow and a training plan.

There is also to add that to lose 10Kg in a few months a diet and a good training schedule may not be enough, in fact the first cause of this goal is the psychological factor, or you have to really want to lose weight, train and have want to change yourself.


Diet tips to follow



As we said before to lose 10Kg in just 3 months or even less it is necessary to strictly follow a diet, however we would like to clarify that it is important to understand that each of us has its own metabolism and an organism that works in different terms, here is because we can’t be the ones to give you a diet to follow but only a professional dietician based on your physiological characteristics, but we can give you some advice to start that will get you excellent results.

1) Drink a lot of water


The first advice we feel we can give you, although it may be trivial, is precisely to drink a lot of water, as this will purify your body and expel toxins.

Drinking a lot of water in a healthy diet is the first step to starting to lose weight.


2) Stop eating trash food


Naturally you cannot hope to lose weight from time to time if you let yourself go to this kind of food if we want to call them that.

If your intention is to lose 10 kg in less than 3 months then you will have to completely abandon junk food and dedicate yourself to a slightly healthier lifestyle.


3) Eat regularly


One of the most common mistakes when deciding to start a diet is to think that skipping meals reduces the risk of gaining weight, nothing more wrong.

Our body needs a daily caloric intake to make sure that everything works normally, skipping a meal simply means damaging your health.

So the best thing is to eat regularly, ie: Breakfast, lunch, a small snack and dinner.


4) Always prefer a protein diet to a calorie one


The calories as we said earlier are important, because they allow us to remain upright, however an excess of calories that our body will not burn will turn into fat on it, which is why we must consume calories but only the bare minimum.

Proteins, on the other hand, serve to nourish the muscles, and therefore to tone them and increase lean mass.


The ideal training to lose 10Kg


Losing 10 kg is a difficult task but this does not mean that you cannot reach it, in fact now that you have a diet and you know how to behave daily with food, all you have to do is integrate a good training card and you’re done, in less than three months you will lose your 10Kg too.

Here are our tips for your training schedule:


1) Always move


Whether you do so much physical activity or not, our advice is to always move, even when it is not a day of training, this is because your goal is not to put on muscle mass but to lose weight, so walk a lot and always move, morning, afternoon, evening.


2) Train at least 4 times a week


As we said your goal is to lose 10Kg in just over two or three months so you will have to train really hard if you want to achieve this, the ideal would be to train 4 times a week for at least 2 hours per day.

If you were to put muscles, working out too much would be counterproductive but you are putting yourself on the line to lose 10kg, so go ahead with training, especially cardio, for weight training there will be more time ahead.


3) Run outdoor activites


Training several hours a week can be tedious and boring especially if you always face the same workouts, which is why one of our suggestions is to alternate the gym with outdoor activities, go running or cycling, in this way the workout will be more pleasant and satisfying.

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