Keleigh Sperry and Miles Teller: an inspiring love story


After the impressive Whiplash (2014), Miles Tellers recently returned to the limelight with Top Gun: Maverick (2022). In the meantime, he got married to his longtime girlfriend and partner, Keleigh Sperry. In fact, their relationship has been going on since 2013. The couple finally decided to get married in 2019. From the proposal to the ceremony, the actor is even more popular with the public because of his romantic side.

Who is Keleigh Sperry?

Before her publicized relationship with Miles Tellers, Keleigh Sperry was not really the target of paparazzi. However, she was famous in relatively small circles and had many interesting projects under her belt. Born on October 16, 1992, the young Keleigh (pronounced like Kelly) is the daughter of Rand Perry, founder of real estate giant SVN International.

Keleigh Sperry grew up in Orange County, California and is the youngest of the businessman’s five children. Today, her three sisters work together in the events industry, while her brothers are entrepreneurs. The youngest child preferred, for her part, to launch herself into the world of modeling. She has worked with LA Model Management and ONE Management.

During her modeling career, Sperry has appeared in numerous music videos, such as The Devil’s Orchard by the band Opeth. She also tried her hand at acting in 2017 by starring in the short film Dance. Most recently, the model re-enacted her marriage with her husband in Taylor Swift’s music video “I Bet You Think About Me”.

Keleigh Sperry

Outside of her professional and love life, Keleigh supports various political and social causes. Among others, she has worked with the Wells of Life association, which aims to provide clean drinking water to the world’s poorest people. For this charity project, her father was already ambassador and advisor to the former Prime Minister of Uganda, Ruhakana Rugunda.

Meet Miles Teller

Keleigh Sperry and Miles Teller met during a party held in conjunction with the 2013 Grammy Awards. The actor was notably invited to the afterparty of The Black Keys. That year, the rock band had won three Grammys, including best album, best song and best performance in its category. So the festive atmosphere was conducive to meeting people.

In this context, Sperry and Teller had been invited by friends to the band’s party. The actor was immediately fascinated by the young woman. However, the first approach was not conclusive, although they were able to talk during the evening. The future star of Whiplash nevertheless persevered and managed to invite her to dance. A week later, they started dating. Since then, the two lovers are inseparable.

love story - Keleigh Sperry and Miles Teller

Miles Teller quickly knew that Keleigh Sperry was the woman of his life, as he revealed on Vogue in 2019. In the same interview, his wife insisted that she was seduced from their first meeting. In any case, the couple’s life rhythm was a perfect match. Sperry was moreover an unwavering ally when her husband’s career accelerated.

Engagement and marriage

Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry got engaged in 2017, four years after their relationship began. The actor proposed to her, during a safari in South Africa. During an outing, he tied a rose to a tree with a bill stating May 11, 2013 and August 20, 2017. The two dates correspond to Keleigh’s first and last day as a girlfriend, he had indicated.

Sperry, 5’7″, was genuinely moved as soon as Teller got down on one knee, from the height of 183 cm. Thus, she often shared the course of this episode in the columns of magazines like People. The actor also took care of the operation in every detail, before proposing to her, with a tear in his eye. They were married on September 1, 2019, in a small ceremony organized by the Sperry sisters specialists in events.

Fond of beaches and fine sands, the couple favored Maui for their nuptials. But the actor has become accustomed to the Sperry family’s annual getaways to Hawaii. Therefore, he did not need to argue long to convince his future wife and her relatives. The religious ceremony was then held in a Catholic church and was followed by a reception at the hotel.

The wedding of Keleigh Sperry and Miles Teller

Successive postponements of Top Gun: Maverick

A few months after the wedding, Miles Teller was supposed to participate in the premiere and promotion of the sequel to Top Gun. However, the schedule was changed to the dismay of Tom Cruise, because of the health context in 2020. That said, Maverick could well wait one more year after the first opus in 1986. The newlyweds then found themselves stuck at home during the confinements.

During these times, the Tellers made many changes to make their home even warmer. This included rearranging their yard and brightening up their garden, Miles told Men’s Health. The move resulted in the addition of a lemon tree and various flowers, including roses. The latter are a must because of the role they play in the couple’s history. Regardless, the idea was to bring more color outdoors.

After the confinements, Miles Teller participated in many notable projects such as Spiderhead or The Offer. He also appeared with his wife in the video of Taylor Swift, directed by Blake Lively. To some extent, the singer wanted to make up for her absence during the couple’s real wedding. So she missed the ceremony performed in a tropical atmosphere. The same goes for the bachelorette party with Sperry’s friends, including Nina Dobrev.

Between two epidemic waves, Top Gun is scheduled for 2021. It should then have allowed the public to discover Teller playing the son of Goose, a character who disappeared in the first film. However, the film has been postponed to May 2022, in order to seduce the audience and unfold its full potential. In the meantime, the Tellers have been increasing their travels and Instagram snaps with their friends, like Shailene Woodley.

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