Paola Turani: Biography, Private Life, Height And Weight


The rise of a category like that of influencers is there for all to see. Each of them manages to carve out their own catchment area by offering digital content of various kinds ranging from dissemination to leisure and entertainment. And as much as social media pushes to undertake such a path, only a few manage to achieve amazing success. As in the case of Paola Turani, a model and influencer originally from Bergamo. The shots of her published on her Instagram have given her considerable media popularity; so much so that, at present, she can boast the beauty of over 1 million followers.

Paola Turani: biography and age

As mentioned above, Paola Turani is from Bergamo – to be exact Sedrina, a small town in the province. Her date of birth is August 10, 1987; and since she was a child, she grew up in a very close family dreaming of being able to practice, one day, the veterinary profession. However, at 16 she is noticed by some talent scouts to become the main face of a well-known French agency. From then on, her life will follow two tracks, that of the studio and that of fashion; her up to her, then, a convergence towards the second area that will give her a marked notoriety that she, at 33, few others can boast.

Great friend of Giulia Valentina and Tess Masazza, Turani has certainly not abandoned her passion for animals. In fact, she has a brown Newfoundland named Nadine and another dog, Gnome, who are often the undisputed stars of her posts on her Instagram. And that with their amazing performances entertain the fans, tearing more than a few simple smiles

Paola Turani: height, weight and success on Instagram

The consecration of Paola Turani on a social media like Instagram goes through various factors. First of all, her attractiveness attracts crowds of visitors. An objective beauty that uses, among other things, a height of 178 cm and a weight of 63 kg. Not to mention, then, her measurements (86-62-92), certification of a Mediterranean splendor capable of literally leaving you speechless.

However, her official account is also the designated place to share some snapshots of her in the company of her husband, Riccardo Serpellini, with her fans. Moments of sweetness and family atmosphere to cement a fairytale love partnership.

Work and passions of Paola Turani

Paola Turani’s curriculum identifies a turning point for her career, namely the recruitment by a French fashion agency when she was only 16 years old. A real sliding door, since everything happens while she is at the supermarket with her mother; and from that moment on, the doors of brands such as Calvin Klein, Versace and Dior will open seamlessly. A stimulating prospect, which however does not remove the model from obtaining a diploma as an agricultural expert.

Over the years, the influencer from Bergamo becomes the testimonial of prestigious brands such as L’Orèal Paris, Calzedonia, Twinset, Morellato, Tim, Sephora, Divani & Divani; all this, among other things, is amplified through her Instagram profile, so much so that she is invited to Detto Fatto (a well-known Rai program) and to the Venice International Film Festival. In short, a versatile presence that is paired with a great passion, the art and practice of painting commissioned paintings.

The fight against body shaming

An important work that characterizes Paola Turani’s professional pedigree is, without a shadow of a doubt, having participated in the dubbing of the Disney Pixar Soul film. A collaboration carried out in the company of her influencer colleague Marta Losito, who lent her voice to the character of Rachel; while Paola disengaged with the animated character of Marie Antoinette. A respectable working stage that can only lead to other equally prestigious opportunities.

What, however, strikes even more of the Italian performer is her concrete commitment against some social problems. By publishing a video in which she showed her legs with cellulite, Turani wanted to take sides against the myth of physical perfection at all costs. An important message to eradicate body shaming; and which, fortunately, finds the support of other colleagues in the show business such as Vanessa Incontrada, Chiara Ferragni and Michelle Hunziker.

Turani’s husband: Riccardo Serpellini

After a 7-year engagement, in 2018 Riccardo Serpellini makes his marriage proposal to Paola in a characteristic lavender field of Provence. And on July 5, 2019 they get married, sealing a bond that has experienced various fundamental moments, from friendship to the couple relationship. Galeotta was the excuse for a commissioned painting, which then quickly turned into a close contact capable of laying the foundations for a splendid love story.

The dress worn by Paola Turani during her wedding was designed by Atelier Emè, with whom the influencer from Bergamo has collaborated several times. A mix of romanticism and modernity that paved the way for many other dresses, stylistic pieces of an unforgettable ceremony. In addition, the witness, for the occasion, was Giulia Valentina, a friend of Paola’s heart for over 3 years.

Paola Turani: private life and pregnancy

On March 31, 2021, the model and influencer from Bergamo announced on social media that she was pregnant. And she did it with a shot in which she, her husband and the two dogs (Nadine and Gnomo) are present to strongly affirm the idea of family. A goal, in some ways, unexpected; but which, in the end, gave a profound joy.

With the help of an explanatory video posted on Instagram, Paola explained to her followers that she and Riccardo have been trying to have a child since 2013. After several unsuccessful attempts, they decided to investigate to see if there were any organic problems. The resulting infertility diagnosis prompted the couple to opt for assisted reproduction. But during the hormonal treatment that precedes this last step, Paola becomes pregnant. The doctors, incredulous, called it a kind of miracle. And with a heart full of joy, the couple can finally give further substance to their dreams.

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