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Hi everyone, if you are looking for exercises to lose weight it is clear that you have finally decided to cut back on your current routine and to seriously start losing weight through fitness activities, but maybe you don’t know where to start, that’s why we are here to follow you step by step to reach the physical form you always wanted.

List of exercises to lose weight


Exercises to slim the belly


esercizi per dimagrire

esercizi per dimagrire

The belly is an area of the body that is difficult to slim down because the highest percentage of fat or lipids is deposited on this area and on the hips, so in this case the best exercises to lose weight on the belly are those attributable to a cardio activity fitness, so long runs on the treadmill or better in the open air to avoid getting bored and make slimming training more fun.

Other exercises to lose weight and therefore have a flat belly are those related to the abdominals, always effective and easy to perform for any person, remember don’t make them too fast and breath intensely.


Exercises to slim your thighs and legs


esercizi per dimagrire, affondi

esercizi per dimagrire, squat

The exercises to lose weight the legs are less tedious than the abdominals so arm yourself with positivity and immediately start a training session as you see in the picture.

The best exercises to slim down the thighs are those in which the lower muscles are put under stress, then squat, lunge with or without a barbell and inner thigh. However, always combine a good cardio activity with exercises such as an outdoor run to make everything more acceptable.

After seeing the list of exercises to lose weight it is good that you have the following to deal with physical activity in a serious way and make it have the desired effects on your body.


1. Mat for fitness activities

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2. York Fitness, Set of dumbbells, 20 kg with a 2.54 cm hole

York Fitness, Set di manubri, 20 kg con foratura di 2,54 cm

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