How to choose the right cream for the face


Hi everybody, whether you are reading this article can only be for two reasons, your girlfriend has been torturing you for months to make you try a cream for your face or you just have some epidermal discomfort to which you are looking for a simple and effective remedy. Well, you are in the right place, here is a brief guide on how to choose the ideal face cream for the skin!!

How to choose the ideal face cream for your skin?


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First of all there is to say that the skin is an important organ of our body and as such it must be taken care of and preserved over time, so it’s necessary to understand what kind of skin your is; fat, dry or mixed. Fat skin is very oily and therefore should be treated with a type of face cream that can regulate the production of sebum, usually just one application a day to fix the problem. Buy your cream by clicking here!



face creamDry skin, instead it’s characterized by a low production of sebum, and this could seem better, but it becomes a problem when the skin begins to exfoliate, thus creating an aesthetic discomfort for those suffering from it. This problem can be solved easily with the simple application of a face cream a couple of times for day, in order to moisturize the skin with specific ingredients, preventing exfoliation. Get the ideal cream by clicking here!

For mixed skin, a simple moisturizer is also good, but it’s important to rinse your face several times during the day and apply the cream immediately afterwards.

Before concluding it’s important that before buying check what are the ingredients that the face cream not must absolutely have, to avoid skin reactions that may in some way irritate your skin, even more if very sensitive, in particular: parabens, petrolatum or oil derivatives, preservatives, alcohol, PEG, just to mention the most important.

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