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Rolex Explorer: The New Models Of 2021 To Buy


Welcome back to Corrado Firera’s Magazine! Today it’s up to the Rolex Explorer, a line of luxury watches that emphasizes the look and the desire to explore new realities.

The market for luxury watches for men and women boasts an incredible variety capable of satisfying every clientele need. The most prestigious brands in this sense work continuously to perfect their products without leaving anything to chance. And the speed and precision with which they make these changes literally leave you speechless, as the result of painstaking work in which timeliness and use of new technologies prevail. With Rolex Explorer, the Swiss company has implemented a historic brand after years of studies and experience in the field. A long and rewarding process that, in a certain way, justifies the price of a Rolex Explorer.

Rolex Explorer: how to respond to the call of adventure

During the 1930s, Rolex began supplying the crews of numerous expeditions with their own watches. The experiences gathered led to the creation of professional timepieces that could be used as tools; and it was thus that the Rolex Explorer 1 and the Rolex Explorer 2 were born. Accessories that took part in some of the greatest adventures of mankind. Subsequently, the performance of this model underwent an upgrade to increase the strength of the case and the readability of the dial even in extreme conditions.

Over the years, mountaineers, scientists and explorers have made their contribution to enhance this commercial line by giving a creative contribution to the whole. Intrepid men and women who, through a product, have shifted attention to the issue of environmental sustainability. A tremendously current theme, whose centrality will determine the salvation of the planet.

An essential design

The Explorer shows its exclusivity through a simple design and remarkable legibility of the black dial with large indexes and the unmistakable numbers 3, 6 and 9 in relief. A flawless watch, designed to indicate the time with remarkable accuracy. A prerogative not to be underestimated, especially when you are engaged in apparently exhausting itineraries capable of making you lose the sense of time and space. A plausible eventuality for those who love extreme situations putting a strain on their physical and mental balance.

Readability in the absence of light

In the absence of light, the Rolex Explorer continues to be legible for a long time. The Chromalight indexes and hands have a coating in which a long-lasting luminescent substance with blue emissions stands out. An essential feature for adventurers and daredevils, perhaps involved in explorations inside caves and tunnels where lighting is an optional. With these Rolex models, it will therefore be possible to find (or rediscover) the main road in the blink of an eye. An unparalleled quality certification as further proof of the professionalism and prestige of the Swiss company.

The advent of the Rolex Explorer 2: additional hand and fixed bezel

The conception of the Explorer 2 in 1971 strengthened the strong link between the Swiss chronographs in question and exploration. A fascinating spiritual, technical and commercial combination, with some characteristics to take into account. Such as the additional orange 24-hour hand and the fixed 24-hour graduated bezel, which allow you to distinguish the hours of the day from those of the night. A unique timepiece, a reference point for speleologists, volcanologists and explorers of the polar regions.

A masculine watch that withstands extreme conditions

Going into the detail of the Explorer 2, it should be specified that the mix between hand and bezel can even indicate a time zone. A spectacular plus for those who travel to continents far from their place of residence. Available in Oystersteel, this material is developed directly by Rolex with a steel alloy belonging to the 904L family – usually used in the high technology of the chemical and aerospace industries. And with a high resistance to shocks and extreme conditions, the entire accessory is enhanced which, in turn, acquires an out-of-scale longevity. A timeless watch, to be handed down to posters by leveraging its countless strengths.

Twinlock waterproof winding crown

The Rolex Explorer 1 and Explorer 2 boast a Twinlock winding crown with a double waterproofing system: the first inside the tube; the second, on the other hand, on the bottom of the crown. An almost mandatory principle for the Swiss company since, with this detail, resistance to water pressure up to 100 meters deep is ensured. Music for the ears of diving enthusiasts, always ready to visit the seabed in search of some animal or plant species of rare beauty.

Caliber 3230 and caliber 3285

The models of the Rolex Explorer line are also characterized by highly performing calibers. The Explorer 1 has the caliber 3230; while the Explorer 2 has the caliber 3285. Two mechanical movements with a Parachrom hairspring for stability against temperature changes; and which, thanks to the Paraflex device, increase impact resistance by transforming the timepieces in question into top-of-the-range products. An obligatory purchase even for those who want to increase the aesthetic depth of their outfit in any circumstance, whether formal or informal.

The new generation: the Rolex Explorer 2 42 mm

The Rolex Explorer 2 42 mm represents the modernity of this range dedicated to lovers of refinement and extreme sports. Its Oystersteel case enhances robustness and reliability. The case back with thin grooves is screwed tightly with a specific tool for this purpose. The Twinlock winding crown, screwed to the case, provides double waterproofing up to a depth of 100 meters; while the glass, surmounted by the Cyclops magnifying glass positioned at 3 o’clock, is in sapphire. A cutting-edge automatic watch capable of not making people look disfigured; and that with a bracelet with an Oysterlock safety clasp, it is comfortable to wear.

Rolex Explorer 2 used: is it possible to find it?

If you do not have a particularly significant economic availability, you can still aim for a used Rolex Explorer 2 by searching among private individuals or online stores, known for a surprising commercial availability. An expense to do, if the passion and the urge towards an accessory are unstoppable; and which, once completed, will allow you to have a timeless, versatile and multifunctional product. These are prerogatives that the Swiss company assiduously enhances and improves so that every customer (old or new) remains totally satisfied.

Which aspect of the Rolex Explorer appeals to you the most? Let us know by commenting here at the bottom and if you haven’t done so yet, share the article. Also stay up to date with us by leaving a like on our FB page, see you soon and good continuation on Corrado Firera’s Magazine!

CF’s Magazine, The editorial Team


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