Cyborg EP01

The new Swiss watch brand Emera arrives to revolutionize the codes of luxury watchmaking


New luxury watch brands are trying to make a place for themselves in a market long reserved for long-established brands. They are relying on innovation to achieve this exceptional goal.

Among the newcomers is Emera, the Swiss brand that wants to challenge the prerogatives in this field. Its first creation, the Cyborg EP01, is a good example in this perspective.

Here are all the details about this brand and its flagship product, but especially its priorities!

A great ambition that becomes reality

Emera is a Greek word that refers to the dawn. It is with this name that the founders of the brand illustrate their ambitions of greatness. Cyrano Devanthey and Patrick Freiburghaus, two figures in the luxury watch industry, want to take Swiss products into a whole new era.

With 30 years of experience as a watchmaker, Cyrano Devanthey has worked for the great Swiss brand Urwerk. Patrick Freiburghaus began his career as a jeweler and jeweler-setter before working as a watch designer in Biel.

According to sources, these two experts have already collaborated in 2021. Emera, however, could only be created around February 2022. For a long time, the dream of having his own watch brand has always titillated Patrick Freiburghaus. Now it seems to be coming true with this ambitious and innovative project, thanks to his collaboration with his colleague.

According to him, he already had ideas drawn on paper in reserve that were just waiting to be seriously studied. The real concern was to measure the level of complexity to get into the actual construction activity. With the expertise and skills of Cyrano Devanthey, the concretization became within reach.

With exchanges, discussions, several ideas, the realization of the 3D sketches could be done properly. So, after some time, everything was finally clear to create the brand. It took about 10 months of hard work to unveil their first watch to the general public, namely on December 17.

Passion was the watchword

The first nugget of the Emera brand is called more precisely Cyborg Exoskeleton flying tourbillon EP01. This new product is a modern and unique watch. A true fruit of the imagination of the two founders, this luxury accessory stands out from the classic round cases and any other form of sobriety.

Indeed, the Cyborg EP01 is a futuristic design with a barrel-shaped case. As for the dimensions, it is 56 mm long and 45 mm wide. This is imposing enough at first sight to make the difference. Moreover, its thickness of 15 mm allows the watch to be perfectly adapted to thin wrists.

The integrated bracelet is French made and the dial easily attracts the public’s interest. The dial is composed of hand-mounted reptilian scale-like decorations, as are all the components. The dominant colors are bronze and carbon.

In addition, it should be noted that the tourbillon of the hands is activated when the watch indicates 6 o’clock. The case back is solid and has slots identical to those found on hypercars. The engine offers a power reserve of about 44 hours.

All these criteria make this an exceptional watch worth ā‚¬300,000, available in only 9 pieces.

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