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10 Tips To Have strong And Healthy Hair – Here How To! ;)


Every day you happen to see your hair fall on the sink or on the shower tray, the thing becomes even more worrying when we begin to notice the number of hair that falls becomes increasingly high, and those that remain are brittle and dull.

Do not worry because today we will give you 10 tips to have strong and healthy hair, thus limiting once and for all the inexorable fall of your hair.

Here are 10 tips to get strong, healthy hair and curb hair loss


1) Do not wash often your hair

Contrary to what you might think, washing hair often is harmful to the latter and we can also say that this is even the first cause of hair loss. Therefore an excess of water continues on the hair leads to the weakening and the consequent fall.


2) Wash your hair with tepid water

When we wash our hair, the temperature is also very important. If the latter is too high the hair may weaken again, but with the cold water the hair does not wash well so our advice is to wash them with warm water to not weaken the hair but at the same time to wash them in the best of the ways.


3) Do not use very aggressive shampoos

Nowadays shampoos are more and more aggressive in order to free the hair from bacteria, however with shampoos so aggressive you can irritate the skin to the point of causing the hair fall, our advice is to try different products and to use the one that works best.


4) Avoid stress

The body is a powerful machine, and everything is connected to the rest, so an excess of stress can be one of the main causes of hair loss. If it is a particularly stressful time for you, try to relax a bit, take a nice trip to a sunny beach or relax with a massage, stress hurts your soul as well as your body, remember.


5) Take a proper diet

It is not a joke, as we said before the body is a set of connections, so a protein-based diet and vitamins will positively affect your hair making them stronger. In this regard, we remind you that smoking, alcohol and coffee hinder the normal absorption of vitamins so perhaps it is appropriate to give them a cut.

In particular:

Vitamin B1: boasts an energizing power of the scalp;
Vitamins B2 and B5: give shine to brittle hair and are used against split ends;
Vitamin B3 (or vitamin PP): acts with restructuring properties on the hair;
Vitamin B12: oxygenates the hair bulb for the benefit of healthy hair growth.

6) Avoid using a hairdryer, hot plate and other heat sources

Another very effective advice that we can give you is this, to limit the use of these tools to dry or shape the hair. With a medium / long duration exposure at such a high temperature every day you will arrive without hair in a few years, be careful, use these tools only once a week or if you can always avoid them!


7) Use the brush instead of the comb

The hair brush makes possible to untangle the hair without causing it to break. On the contrary, the comb that has stiff bristles, pulling will cause the hair to break and weaken to the root.


8) Use a good conditioner

Balsam is often seen as an accessory element and negligible of our beauty routine, nothing more wrong, the balm is used to restore and reinvigorate the scalp cells. Always use it and before rinsing the hair with warm water wait a while, so as to give the conditioner the time to make effect.


9) Do not use lacquer, wax or gel often

Even using one of these three elements can very often cause the fall of our hair, the reason is simple. These products irritate the skin and very often cause itching, it all ends with the scratching of the head and drop the hair already weakened by the immobilizing action of these products, the advice is therefore to limit its use to a maximum of a couple of times a week.


10) Do not wear caps or hoods

The best way to take care of your hair is to make them breathe, so avoid wearing different hats, caps and hoods. The explanation is very simple, the head kept closed starts to sweat, and the molecules of water and moisture stick to the hair making them very weak and causing fall, in fact we close the list with further advice, to go out more often from home to breathe some fresh air not only for you but also for your hair.

Thanks for being with us, the article about the 10 tips to have strong and healthy hair ends here, if you have found it interesting share it through the social buttons that you find below and leave a like on our FB page to not lose news and news from the world of fashion and lifestyle, see you soon!


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