how to combine a long men's coat, corrado firera, firera

How To Style A Long Men’s Coat


Here we are, you’ve finally decided to buy a nice long coat for men but arrived in front of the mirror it seems that something is wrong with the combination, fortunately I’m always here to give you an hand, so let’s see in detail how to combine a coat long man!

match long coat for men, corrado firera, cf magazine, firera

First of all, the colors you choose to match with your coat will have to be related to the color of the coat itself but if you do not want to go wrong go to black, a color that is practically perfect with everything.

However if you want a bit go out of the raws for a more original outfit what you have to keep in mind (whatever the colors you choose) is the contrast, as noted by the photos in fact I wanted to highlight the coat on purpose with clothing in solid color black.

Obviously, however, as they say the “too much is bad”, for example a white coat over this clothing would have been an exaggeration, an excess of extravagance that is best to left to the stars.


corrado firera, cf magazine, firera, leather boots for men

Another small measure that you have to take into consideration is to never use flat shoes or sneakers with a long coat for two simple reasons, the first is that the long coat is an elegant piece of clothing so the first impact would be a lack of class and style, the second reason is that being long comes up to the legs and you risk to look low for this reason the boots with the cleat from 2 to 3 cm will make sure to make you look taller.


firera, corrado firera, cfmagazine, how to combine a long coat for men

firera, corrado firera, cfmagazine, how to combine a long coat for men

Even the Oxford would be good with a look like that, because very elegant, now before leaving you I wanted to close with another little advice, that is to always prefer the formal colors for your coat such as gray, black or brown, also because it will much simpler for you to match them.

The article aboutĀ how to combine a man’s long coat ends here, thanks for being with me, if you found it interesting share it with your friends via the social buttons you find below and leave a like on the FB page of this magazine for stay up to date with trends and news from the fashion world, see you soon!

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