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Vegan Diet To Lose Weight – Does It Really Work? – Pros And Cons


The vegan diet is now becoming more and more popular, in fact often you hear about it, from television to social networks to work colleagues, in particular as a diet low in protein but incredibly capable of equally beneficial to our body , and not only that, someone say that the vegan diet is good also to lose weight, that’s why we want to talk about it in detail.

What is the vegan diet?

The vegan diet is a particular diet that totally excludes meat as a source of livelihood but unlike the vegetarian regime in this type of diet it is not possible to eat even its derivatives, namely: milk, eggs, cheese, honey and so on …

The vegan therefore is not only a diet but a true lifestyle that anyone who chooses to adopt in their diet marries the principles and values on which it is based.

The vegan, therefore, is an individual who has a profound respect not only for human beings but also for animals, insects and for extension living beings in their totality.

From an ethical point of view, therefore, the vegan diet gives the right to life not only to man but to all other living beings to which everyone is entitled according to the supporters of this diet.


Does the vegan diet lose weight?

While the vegan diet is a lifestyle where people have a deep respect for nature, in the other side there are also people who adhere to this lifestyle in order to obtain benefits from the point of view of physical fitness. But does the vegan diet really lose weight?

According to some scientific studies this diet is really losing weight because of the low presence of animal fats, but it is not ideal for those who want to have a lean but at the same time tonic.


Vegan diet: Pros and Cons

Among the pros of this diet we find the ethical point of view important, the possibility of really obtaining results in terms of weight loss for people suffering from obesity, or at least wishing to lose some weight and naturally from a point of view a little more technical the presence of a high percentage of fibers and antioxidants typical of fruit and vegetables.

Among the cons of the vegan diet instead there is a low or in some cases non-existent percentage of some vitamins such as vitamin B12 and D, minerals including iron, proteins and omega 3. For more technical clarifications click here.

The lack of the aforementioned elements within the diet makes it not advisable to use it as unhealthy but especially impossible to give to children to avoid the onset of diseases due to the inadequacy of essential elements for our body without which it is exposed more easily to healthy risks.

Example of vegan diet

vegan diet pyramid, cf magazine


What you see in the picture is the food pyramid of the vegan diet, within it you can see the absence of fat but especially the presence of typical elements of a vegetarian diet but with the only difference not having inside: milk , eggs, honey and other derivatives.

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