lorena rae, top model, angeli victoria's secret

Who is Lorena Rae? – Biography, Body, Height And Weight


lorena rae, top model, angeli victoria's secret

Lorena Rae, a name that in the last two years has resonated very much among the main lines of the fashion system, thanks above all to the overwhelming beauty that characterizes this top model that has become famous very quickly, but who is Lorena Rae exactly? let’s find out together!

Lorena Rae, Biography

Lorena Rae was born in Diepholz in Germany on 8 July 1994, of American descent by her grandfather, the young girl soon understands her vocation, learns American English by watching TV series like Gossip Girl and becomes almost immediately famous on social networks sharing selfies and moments of her private life.

Lorena is the oldest of three children, has a sister named Celine, and a brother named Maurice, both decided to follow her sister’s journey by embarking on the fashion system.

Lorena Rae started her modeling career working with Bijou Brigitte brand and traveling for a job in Milan and Ibiza. In 2015, when he signed with the agency Wilhelmina and was mentioned in GQ Germany online, she worked with the NewYorker and Guess brands. In 2016, she was called an “Instagram crush” in Playboy digital. In 2017, Lorena became L’Oréal representative at the Cannes Film Festival and appeared in the OOB magazine.

In 2018, she appeared on the catwalk for Calzedonia, Shiatzy Chen and reached the pinnacle of her fame by parading at Victoria’s Secret fashion show, from there the road to Lorena Rae was all downhill.


Lorena Rae, body, height and weight

The young international model soon becames famous, surely thanks to her incredible beauty and her body, but above all for her sweet and sunny character that led her to reach only 2 million followers on Instagram, boasting collaborations with dozens of national and international brands well paid.

With a height of 180cm and a weight of around 53kg, Lorena Rae has a very long-limbed body, she is thin and defined, her passion for sport and the rigorous training she underwent to get in good shape at Victoria’s Secret fashion show contributed to achieve current results.

Lorena Rae, private life

In 2019 the beautiful girl appears in tabloids around the world, why? She seems to have made inroads into the heart of the famous Hollywood actor Leonardo Di Caprio, at the moment we have no news if the two have an official relationship, what remains certain is the frequentation between the two that has contributed to feeding even more the fame that already revolved around to the beautiful German model of whom we will still hear a lot.

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